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1 18th June 2018 09:38PM

Hello there

My neighbours have horses in a field at the bottom of our garden. The horses broke through our fence and did real damage to our garden. Neighbours are saying the fence wasn’t secure enough and so they will only pay 50% towards repairs - do you think it’s their responsibility?

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2 18th June 2018 09:09PM

Copyright query

In 2016 I designed a t-shirt with the slogan Rockies on Tour and 30 member of a choir bought them. This week the choir HQ sent a marketing email to 41,000 members asking them is they wish to purchase a t-shirt with the same slogan. Do I have any rights.

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3 18th June 2018 07:32PM

Would like a professional to read my will & confirm to me what it actually says - the important points as I am confused with the jargon used. Thank you

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4 18th June 2018 10:58AM

Me and my wife have split up will she get more than 50 per cent of house I have a son with her who is nearly 20 but is not dependent on her and is working here solicitor has said she will get 60-65 per cent of house ?

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5 18th June 2018 10:54AM

I bought a property which is Grade II listed. There are some old sheds and toilets on the property which I would like to develop My neighbour said he owns three of these buildings but when I checked my legal title it only says he is entitled to an easement over my land to repair a toilet. The building which housed the toilet is still there but the toilet is no longer there. Therefore, it is not in use and is not connected to the main water supply or sewage. There is no other mention of easements. I have checked with the Land Registry and my neighbour's property is not registered. I have asked him for proof that he owns the three buildings in question but he will not answer me. Can I force him to answer the question? His reticence to answer me means that I cannot do anything to renovate or develop the buildings. I have a feeling that he wants to obtain title by adverse possession. How can I find out who owns what? Hope you can help please.

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6 18th June 2018 10:52AM

When taking a builder to small claims for failing to complete the work on time and being unable to agree away forward as some harsh words were said by both paeties, is the judge interested in this part? We are looking to recover money that was paid in advance in good faith and the building is refusing to reimburse abd us not responding to communications sent!

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7 17th June 2018 09:10PM


few weeks ago I was looking for a room to rent in London. I followed an add placed by an estate agency and contacted them about the room. They offered my an appointment at their office and showed me video of the room. I asked to view the room in person, but was offered to complete a form and pay a "deposit" to ensure that they keep the room for me. I felt pressured so I completed the form and paid £872. Three days later I saw the room and the property (shared house) and I did not like it at all, the rook was OK, but the shared bathroom and the kitchen were not adequate. I then refused the room and asked for my money back. I would like to mention I refused the room 20 days before intended move-in date and I paid by debit card.

The agency refuses to give me my money back, despite me not signing a licence agreement with them.

I have asked verbally and in writing, but to no avail.

After researching this Letting agency I found that they have been

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8 17th June 2018 09:07PM

Good morning,

I had employed a mentor last year to help me start and run my business for the first 2 years.He supposed to get me start a selling mega yachts business. We had a discussion, the fees were paid and l received a book to read which was all about how to become a speaker on stage and how to attract clients to fill your room. When l said it is not applicable to my particular business he send me an offer to buy a franchise for 36000 pounds. I paid 13000 pounds for his assistance for 2 years.

When we first discussed he said that l begin with a landing page which will attract clients and l will do the sale with his winning sales speech. He also says that it will cost me another 2000 pounds to launch my landing page. I tried to do the landing page and he said is not compelling enough but did not come with another suggestion in order to get me started. I have told him at the beginning that l have no idea how to start online, he said no problem , he will help. He also suggests that l can find clients via Linkdn or Forbes which are time consuming as lm working. After few months seeing that l can not start , l can not find clients l asked the money back and he said that he delivered what he promised. What are my options? How can l get the money back?

Kind regards

Smaranda Crisan

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9 17th June 2018 09:04PM

Hi, I have an ongoing problem with water penetration at my property. The two roofs, one of which is flat have been repaired by two different firms. Both firms felt they could do no more and suggested issues with neighbouring properties - no flashing, chimney stacks missing their pots and not capped, brickwork in need of pointing etc. As I can't ask my two neighbours to repair their roofs how do I go about getting this settled once and for all? Both neighbours are tenants and are not terribly friendly.



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10 17th June 2018 09:02PM


My question relates to the definition of what constitutes "original date of hearing" in a employment related disciplinary hearing.

After my suspension from work on 30th May 2018 I was called in for a investigation meeting.

I was verbally told at the investigation meeting on the Wed 6th June that I will have to come to a disciplinary hearing on the Mon 11th June.

However, on Friday 8th June I was told that the Mon 11th June had to be cancelled because the investigating manager had not completed the report due to a family bereavement, and it was not clear when the investigation manager would return.

On 12th June at 4:45pm I received an email from HR with the investigation report and other paperwork, including an invitation to attend the disciplinary meeting on the 15th June.

However, I wanted to exercise my rights to have the meeting on 20th June, which is within the 5 days of the original date on 15th June, this in order to find representation for the hearing at short notice would be difficult and my chronic pain disability that makes it difficult for me to focus and prepare a defence .

But the employer has refused to extend the hearing date to the 20th June but given me till Mon 18th June claiming that the original date stands at the 11th June not 15th June, although it was cancelled by the employer as explained above.

Employer has threatened to have the hearing without me on the Mon 18th. I have under protest agreed to attend on the 18th June on my own as I could not find representation given the short notice.

My question is, what is the original date in the given scenario above? Is it the 11th June when investigation report was not even complete and the Employer cancelled the meeting or the 15th June which was a written invitation after the investigation report had been completed and I was sent a copy with supporting documents?

Please can you clarify the above.



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