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1 26th April 2018 08:56PM

Dear Sir,

I am in Pakistan removed from UK in February 2017 inspite of having two daughters in UK but me being divorced and an overstayer, my appeal to upper tribunal also dismissed. My lawyer at that time proposed that I should have a court order for Direct Contact and this way I could go back to my daughters in UK and look after them.

The latest situation is that I have been denied Direct Contact and allowed Indirect contact with my daughters by the District Judge in family court Birmingham. My wife is not supportive which I had mentioned and I requested for a CAFCASS Report 7 to the judge, which also has not been given heed to instead the judge gave remarks that I should bear in mind that girls are small and I should keep in mind age appropriate talk. Mostly my ex wife keeps them busy with some other activity at the specified call timing and sometimes they are in a moving vehicle at the pre arranged time.

My ex wife is family solicitor and me being away had influenced the judge by giving remarks of appreciation and claiming that she is very satisfied that her case is with this judge and the judge also recognised her. This was advised in the Barrister's attendance notes at the hearing, regretfully I did not afforded the barrister further and became an LIP in the case.

In one of the court hearings the Judge had given remarks that she would like to wait and see the outcome of indirect contact for 12 months for allowing direct contact, but nothing has been mentioned about this in the final order.

No detail explainations are given in the final order, I had submitted a six page Witness Statement, and a six page Position Statement but no point raised.

The CAFCASS Safeguarding of Police verification from Pakistan for me was not received through ACRO during the duration of the case since their is no agreement between the two countries and for which I am being penalized on the other hand the UK authorities had submitted report of no record of mine with them. I had offered to obtain and submit a Police Character Certificate from my District Police Office which is submitted to all foreign embassies and consulates for visas and other requirements. The Home Office guidance also advises the nationals of Pakistan to obtain these certificates themselves either through UK embassy or consulate of Pakistan in UK. ACRO also acknowledges that countries ask their individuals to contact directly for such clearances / certificates.

My ex Solicitor of immigration had given a summary of my immigration case and had recommended that if court would allow Direct Contact of me with my daughters then it would be possible for me to get visit visa and see my daughters and this would start a new process for me for leave to remain in UK.

I need to appeal or should I wait and submit fresh case for Direct Contact when 12 months are over and above and I need some legal advice / help as to how to proceed in my case since even the first CAFCASS initial report has even been not considered which was in my favor.

I need a strong representation since my case has been disregarded and outweighed at every step.

Best regards.

Fakhir Shabbar


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2 26th April 2018 08:53PM

Hiya I had been arrested for a false accusation of assault by is at magistrates court.. I have pleaded not guilty.. the case is still on going as it had been adjourned due to a busy court that day and other cases had priority.. I bought my local newspaper this morning and they have put my name and where I live and details of everything.. surely this is against the law as I have not actually been charged for anything???

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3 26th April 2018 06:03PM

Hi. I'm Richard.

My mum died suddenly last month and her property is to be split between 5 people.

Is it ok for one of these (the deceased's son) to live in the property (short term to protect the property and sort things out) even if one of the 5 is unhappy about this?


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4 26th April 2018 05:55PM

Does my daughter have to let her cheating husband see the children ,he has moved out of the family home and now engaged to another woman

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5 26th April 2018 12:50PM

my mother died june 2017 my stepfather will not show me her will and will not let me have a copy .after 8 months he told me who her solicitor was. They will not discus anything with me. my stepfather has said I am in my mothers will but that is all. I am the only daughter, my mother had a visit from her solicitor the day before she died but he will not tell me what happened except that she left everything to him therefore no probate needed. he will inherit over £1m and my rhree children were also in my mothers will. What can I do ?

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6 26th April 2018 12:20PM

what to do if i receive a online delivery after getting full refund of 400 pound.

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7 25th April 2018 09:20PM

Please could you help me. Only the police came to my house today to tell my brother that there as been an allegation of sexal assault in 2007. Theye won't say who made the allegation. Until they come back on the 9th of may with a camera. As my brother can't go to the police station. As he is unable to walk down to complications after an operation. The allegation is untrue what can we do to defend my brother we are both worried. Sick.

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8 25th April 2018 04:34PM

I am separated from my husband. He has been paying me a set about each month. He recently was made redundant with a 6 months payout. He has now started his own Consulting business but had said as he is not taking a salary he will reduce my maintenance. He currently has a 6 month contract with all expenses paid and I know his rate is very high. Can he do this?

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9 25th April 2018 03:53PM

I have got 3 points on my driving license! And I am applying for my British passport this week? Will that affect ?

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10 25th April 2018 12:52PM

If a teacher's child is subject to child protection plan as a consequence of chastisement (physical discipline), could this ever lead to the teacher being barred from the teaching body?

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