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1 11th August 2017 04:23PM

A friend of mine has realised he may have claimed benefits that he wasn't entitled to. He is trying to sort out things with the tax office and wants to sort out the benefits ASAP. He is really worried about being prosecuted and getting a criminal record which will affect his chance of future work. Is this less likely to happen if he goes to them and admits what's happened?

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2 7th August 2017 09:39PM

14 months after purchasing our new build house the garden has been restored, as damaged by foul drain burst during early stages of build, with admission from site manager(representative of house builder)

Would we possibly have a chance to claim compensation? Many thanks

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3 4th August 2017 09:08PM

Can I drop charges against my partner

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4 30th July 2017 08:33PM


It's regarding my ex husband.

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5 28th July 2017 02:19PM

Iv been told I'll be going court for a speeding ticket becuase I was to much over the limit but I'm going on holiday soon and I don't want the court date to clash with my holiday what should I do the holiday is pre booked could I re arrange the court date?

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6 28th July 2017 09:05AM

I am aHGV driver amember of the public as sent footage of me driving to my employer saying that I was using my phone when driving and I now face an investigation

1 I was not aware I was being filmed (covert)

2 Is that person allowed to send my images to a third party ( data protection act)

3 Can my employer use it

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7 27th July 2017 10:13PM

Hi I need advice on insolvency

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8 24th July 2017 12:09PM

My wife and I are divorcing, the petition was acknowledged by the court 12 weeks ago, I am rigerously defending her allegations and the district judge has handed the file to the County court and we are waiting for a court date but that will only be for the Court to issue directions. I have been reading and found that a defended divorce can take 12-24 months before the divorce is complete.

My question is, I am wanting to start a new business which I would hope will be successful and achieve success quite quickly, in 1-2 years time will the court take account of my new business when dividing the assets or is there a cut off point, such as making an application for the divorce, that any wealth after that point is not included in the splitting of the estate? If not, then I will be taking all of the financial risks and responsibility and the huge amount of work needed just to line my wife's pocket even more.

I sincerely appreciate your comments because I cannot find the answer online using Google search

Kind regards

Steve Croxton

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9 24th July 2017 11:50AM

Hi my friend has got to go to court regarding

Possession of diamorphine, crack cocaine and a stun gun

has only one previous conviction for gbh a few years ago

Is there any chance of no prison sentence

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10 21st July 2017 08:38PM

I am petitioning for a divorce and the nisi has been read 18.7.17. My husband has no money and we have nothing monetary to divide, however, he is set to inherit around £2m. He wants me to sign a consent order so that I have no tie on this. I want him to pay £350/month for our autistic six year old son. What can I have legally binding, without involving the CMS between us that will guarantee his maintenance payments of £350/pm until our son is at least 18 years old?

Many thanks

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