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1 18th August 2018 09:06AM

My daughter has bought a relatives house with her partner at a discounted price.They have a verbal agreement that in the case of a break up in the relationship the discount allowed to her would be reflected in any settlement.She would like advice on the possibility of having a written contract rather than relying on a verbal agreement.They have a joint mortgage on the property.I’m unsure which category of law this would come under

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2 18th August 2018 08:49AM

Hey there! I’m a Lebanese student studying in the UK. I changed my name via deed poll but my country of origin isn’t accepting it. How valid is my deed poll? Can I use my new name in the UK?

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3 18th August 2018 08:45AM

My daughter has received a court claim form regarding a parking offence that apparently happened on the 10th of December 2017. Its asking for £242. We have received no other letters or demands regarding this ??

You can not contact the solicitor (Gladstones) that have apparently taken on the case from Minister Baywatch. Please help

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4 18th August 2018 08:44AM

Hi I'm a single parent 3 kids, I lent someone £270 from kids birthday fund what I had saved now the person has refused to pay Me back and threatened me when I phoned and asked for money back it has been over 6 months is there anything I can do please help me crissy

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5 18th August 2018 08:42AM

Advice please about my daughter and her gp

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6 18th August 2018 08:41AM

I believe I've been subjected to blackmail, I've been told to raise £300 by next friday or information will be leaked to my partner

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7 18th August 2018 08:38AM

Hi, my friend was married 2.5 years ago at a UK registry office. There were thought to be two copies of the certificate though the people holding them now cannot find them. She went to the registry office to get a copy certificate but after checking they said there is no record of the marriage. So she is wondering if she is really married or has been tricked somehow.

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8 18th August 2018 08:36AM

can you make a higher offer for a property reserved by someone else from national housebuilder

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9 17th August 2018 11:11PM

I transferred onlin my ex-partner £10k online (my inheritance money) to be temporarily held while I found somewhere to invest it. He spent this money on paying off his credit cards, without my permission. We agreed that he would give me that money back through our wedding fund. I\ve left him since, so obviously no wedding. He's shown intent to pay back but indicated this is 'morally' and that he isn't obligated to. Where do I stand legally to get my money back?

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10 17th August 2018 08:27PM

Can I claim compensation from a UK holiday park after the following happened -

* 2 chained up bikes were stolen on their caravan site. No CCTV or security on site.

* Site manager threatened to throw us out for telling other people about the theft

* We left 2 days early because our 2 autistic children could not cope with the above

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