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1 29th June 2017 11:02AM

Myself and my partner made ourselves bankrupt on August 8th 2010. We are still being pursued by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. The case is not straight forward in respect that monies paid to my sister from the sale of the house we ALL lived in were agreed with my Dad before he died. They are saying I have under valued this property and that I have an interest in the property we now all live in. Can you help I have to reply by Friday and cant afford a solicitor

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2 28th June 2017 03:49PM

Hello, I was handed a police caution after a domestic complaint from my ex partner. When the police originally tried to arrest me, I passed out from the shock of it as I have never dealt with the police in my life. When the ambulance arrived, they decided I could not go as my heart rate was too high, I was then de-arrested. My ex partner complained about harassment, even though we were with each other the night before, he has since calmed down and realized how disruptive this will be to my life and career. I accepted the caution as I was told it would not effect my work and was basically a warning. I was clearly distressed and not in the correct frame of mind at the time, I feel that I have been misled with the information and also not in the right frame of mind which was visible at the time. I would have preferred to even go to court as I have a very good arguement, we have been in contact from both sides. Is this something that can be challenged now that my ex partner has even changed his mind and in light of the fact that I was visibly not in a fit state to be interviewed?

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3 28th June 2017 11:39AM

I recently moved out from a flat that has been paid upfront. The tenancy end 29th of July and i moved out 15th of june. I ask the agency If i could get back rent money for July only, and Pay a cancelation fee as it states in the agreement. The agency said that is there Nothing that they Can do about it. But from the other hand If we want to move out and we didnt Pay upfront then we will have to Pay the cancelation fee. What Can we do?

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4 28th June 2017 11:37AM

I got misdiagnosed with placenta accreata while I was pregnant

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5 27th June 2017 05:19PM

Please i need urgent help, am 20yrs old, and an ex - boyfriend is pestering my life because of wanting to get his immigration status regularised,please help me, help me. please

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6 27th June 2017 12:38PM

having dispute with neighbour regarding boundry lines and access to driveway

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7 27th June 2017 09:28AM

I received a demand for payment from my solicitors 5 years after the invoice with interest being charged on a daily rate. I have not received any reminders or claims during this time.

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8 26th June 2017 10:32PM

My father and I are on a mortgage together. We have done This over the last 10 years we are both on the deads. I lived in the house for 5/6 of the years I have now moved out. Can he sell the property without my permission and keep the Equity ? He said he will only give me 10k when we are set to make 120+.

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9 26th June 2017 05:59PM

I want to take my kids on holiday to see my parents. However my wife has the passports and will not hand over. What can I do to get them? Thanks.

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10 26th June 2017 05:58PM

Hello, a neighbour wants to dig out a section of our garden that runs adjacently to their house to put a French drain in, but do we legally have to let them do this?

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