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1 23rd June 2018 07:17AM

Hi there, I received a Parking Charge notice having parked outside my place of work on private land. I have a permit to park but it had fallen from my dashboard. I did not receive an invoice on my windscreen, but I did get a letter outlining the £60 fine. I then recieved a letter stating the fine was cancelled due to an error, and then received a letter stating the fine had doubled to £120 and is now £160. I have received a letter from Gladstones Solicitors stating that their client now has the option to commence proceedings in Civil court. I have all the letters stated, plus my parking permit, plus pictures of poorly signposted parking 'agreements'. What do I now need to do, as I do not accept that I should have to pay the fine? If it goes to courst can I represent myself? and do I have a leg to stand on?

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2 23rd June 2018 07:15AM

I have separated from my husband. We have sold our house and we split the profit in half. I have had to give my job up in order to home educate our children and this was with my husbands complete agreement. My husband rents a house and I presently live with my mum and the two boys. My husband earns £35k and as yet has not paid any maintenance , I would like to know what a reasonable sum a month would be , considering as well that I have the boys other than two weekends a month ?

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3 23rd June 2018 07:10AM

I was arrested for theft at my workplace. I'm suspended on full pay until further evidence is found. It wasn't me I sent parcels unknowingly as I work in a postroom have done for 14 years. Now I'm gonna lose my job

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4 23rd June 2018 07:08AM


My grandad passed away 4 months ago and my nan was unaware of a will he had a left which states that the property they lived at, 50% of the share would go to my uncle- 1 of 7 children- step children of my nan. Through doing some research I understand that if the property was in joint ownership then automatically my nan becomes the sole owner and the will is not considered, however if the property is in tenancy in common then shares can be distributed. The problem is, we have the land registry to provide this information but we cannot understand the terminology of it. It reads:

In section B: proprietorship register

Title absolute

1. (the date) Mohammed Idris Siddiqui and Meena Siddiqui (followed by the address).

2. The price, other than rents, stated to have been paid on the grant of the lease was £32,000.

3. (the date) RESTRICTION: except under an order of the registrar no disposition by the proprietor of the land is to be registered without the consent of the proprietor of the charge dated 24th July 2000 in favour of Abbey National PLC referred to in the charges register.

This last bullet point supposedly is able to answer the query of whether the property was in joint ownership or not, and if not where can we find this information out from please?

Many thanks

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5 22nd June 2018 06:18PM

I posted a negative comment on a facebook review page. My partner who is neighbour to the owner of the site reported him to the police as he has a restraining order and he got arrested. I admitted to doing it. I am asked to go to the police station for interview. I have been informed that this will be under caution, why would this be as I wasn't aware that it was an offence to post negative reviews on a review page.

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6 21st June 2018 11:24PM

My son & daughter in law are separated. She has been accusing him of domestic violence. She is refusing to let us see the children. What's the way out to our grandchildren

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7 21st June 2018 11:23PM

I live in a detached property, the next house, also detached forms a boundary wall. The space between the houses is my drive. My neighbour has recently put an ugly waste pipe on his house to run a power cable from his fuse box to his shed. This cable/waste pipe construction is on my side. As far as I am aware I own the land right up to his house, is he allowed to do this? My deeds state that his eaves are allowed to hang In to my “air space”, but this is ok as they are way up high. This pipe is just 5’ from the floor and runs for just over 4 meters and looks awful. This is the back of his house , which has no windows doors etc so is just a plain wall. It faces the front of my house. Any advise will be appreciated.

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8 21st June 2018 11:21PM

I signed a contract between my company and a company called P as a developer. The client name mentioned in the contract is C.During my role in their in worked for their client called W.

Contract says:

The Service Provider and its Directors undertake that they shall not and that they shall procure that the Consultant(s) shall not enter into any agreement, whether directly or indirectly, to supply services of a similar nature to the Client or a subsidiary or associated company of the Client or to the Client’s clients, other than through the Company for a period of 12 months following the termination of the Agreement

Now I got another offer from client W via a agency D. Does this mean Am I breaking the contract and if so what will happen ?

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9 21st June 2018 11:19PM

I bought a expensive watch on finance (in my name) for my boyfriend. But now we have split up. Who legally owns the watch?

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10 21st June 2018 11:16PM

Hi there, if i have already applied to the court with a C100 to get access to my children and I have a court date, can my ex apply for a prohibited steps order to stop me from collecting my children from school on my days that I normally would as agreed in the past?

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