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1 23rd February 2018 09:11AM

Can I reject a property valuation figure from a court approved valuer in favour of getting the judge to order a sale of the property? (no children involved)

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2 23rd February 2018 08:23AM

Hi I've been charged with having child porn and indecent exposure I asked a 13yr old girl to feel my Willy what sentence can I expect

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3 22nd February 2018 09:08PM

What are the options to stay in UK after staying in UK for ten years without a visa

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4 22nd February 2018 09:06PM

I live on an unadopted road, in my title deeds I own the section of the road that fronts my property, this is tarmacked and maintained.

I give access to a Mill across my section of road (as does my neighbour)

the mill has been rented to another business by the current owner.

Prior to renting we were given verbal assurance that the traffic using the road would be light.

The title deeds of the mill show they do not own any of the road but the mill owner is responsible for maintenance of the road.

The current tenant now has multiple HGVs and freight using the road. Damage has occurred to the surface. Neither party willing to repair.

I want to restrict the weight and size of haulage that use the road; can I do this?

Also the title deeds grant the owners of the mill the right of access; does this extend to tenants?

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5 22nd February 2018 09:05PM

Hi. I live in a semi-detached house and our garden is separated from our neighbours by a 1 metre high fence. The neighbours are looking to move and I want to put up a 2 metre high fence. As the posts are on the neighbours side do I need their permission to do this?

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6 22nd February 2018 02:04PM

I got a car on finance and there has been loads of issues with the car, i have made a complaint and its in the proceedings so that they can get me a replacement. Would i be able to take the cash instead so i can get something myself rather than reply on another replacement.

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7 22nd February 2018 01:23PM

Do we have a we brought caravan for 19k year half ago can't get even 500 pounds for it also we had problems with the park we brought it from terminating our licence and causing lot trouble

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8 22nd February 2018 08:33AM


I recently sold a MacBook Pro laptop on eBay for around £650.

In the description of the item I stated that around 3 of the keys on the laptop were a little sticky and tough to press down, but were still fully functional. The buyer went ahead and purchased the laptop anyway.

38 days after receiving the laptop, the buyer then put in a claim against me to PayPal stating that the item wasn’t as described and that around 15 of the keys were unfunctional.

After buying a laptop on eBay, would you really gift it to your wife and leave it 38 days before trying out the condition of the laptop.

When speaking to PayPal on the phone they stated that if the buyer had stated using the laptop before stating it’s broken then I would win the case but I have found messages from the buyer that states his wife hasn’t been using it for about a week before he said anything and also he stated that he had to “hammer” the keys in order for them to work. This shows that he was pressing them with excessive force for them to work, and even then they were still functional but now they are apparently unfunctional.

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9 22nd February 2018 08:30AM

I am a victim of fraud where I was asked for an upfront fee with the promise of getting more money. And now my bank wants me to pay them back.

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10 22nd February 2018 08:28AM

I have received an application for a divorce, with an application for a financial order - what does this mean please?

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