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1 12th December 2017 09:00PM

I have some issues concerning my terminally ill father his finances which i feel are not being used , kept wrongly !

His next of kin is his ex who is mother too his two daughters which one has full control of his finances ,unfortunately i am ill myself i also live in Holland ,

There are family disputes already as soon as he was diagnosed ,i myself do not want financial gain but being his first born child could i force control to

See an end to this especially in these emotional times .

Where do i stand please

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2 12th December 2017 08:45PM

If a couple take out a joint mortgage and one decides to just clear off,is that person still liable to pay their share of the mortgage

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3 12th December 2017 07:45PM

I was attack at work and no one believes me at work apart from the police who are taking him to court, I was out of work for 7 weeks and was too scared to go back because I didn't feel safe going back and working with him after what be did to me, what should I do. Thanks

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4 12th December 2017 07:33PM

Can a ppi company claim a percentage from me if bank said no 7 years ago, I thought when bank said no it would be case closed. Bank would have paid me anyway as I had previously made a claim myself.

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5 12th December 2017 05:43PM

who is my employer?

A who gave me p45

b who terminated me

c the group that is on payslip

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6 12th December 2017 05:42PM

I have a car on PCP and need some legal advice with what rights I actually have with this.....

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7 12th December 2017 05:41PM

I started a mileage tax rebate claim with a rebate company in March this year, I decided to then claim these expenses myself through the hmrc I have now received a letter from the company saying I need to pay a fee for their service which is £1184.02 and that I have to pay it immediately. Do I need to pay this?

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8 12th December 2017 05:40PM

Hi there,

I'm a freelance animator and I was approached by a director to produce a short animation. When asked about the budget, he proposed a total of £10,000 for the production. I asked face to face if this entire amount was dedicated to me to produce the animation (i'm the entire production team and he's the director). After that we have emailed each other outlining a plan, and then I got him to sign a contract mentioning payment of £10,000 in 3 installments. He hasn't signed that contract and tried to change that number to £7250, claiming the total budget wasn't enitre for me, and there were other costs. I had already done a week's worth of work but he hasn't signed a contract. I stated that I wont be working with him with this budget. He now threatened to sue me for wasting his time. What do I do and what are my rights?

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9 12th December 2017 10:37AM

Hi, I purchased a vehicle from a garage and it had engine issues. The vehicle has been recovered back to the garage and I have told them I would like to reject the vehicle and have a full refund. They have had the vehicle back since 20th November and have not refunded my money. I now have no vehicle and no funds to purchase another one

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10 12th December 2017 08:09AM

cps are charging mre with common assault

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