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1 20th April 2018 10:00AM

Hi I was wondering if you could clear something up for me my partner and his ex girlfriend have shared custody of his kids we’ve found out on most of the occasions we have the kids sometimes weekend sometimes for a week or more in school holidays she is going overseas. Does she have to let the my partner know she is leaving the country when we have the kids

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2 20th April 2018 09:59AM

Following a driver round a sweeping left hand bend. Police on wrong side of the road coming towards driver in front, no siren was on and i was unable to see the lights. Policed forced car in front of me to emergency brake and swerve to avoid collision, i then had to avoid a head on collision with the police car and ended up colliding with the side of the car in front. Officer admitted it was the second crash she was ever the cause of and admitted liability but it was still assumed to me fault. The driving was extremely dangerous and again, no siren sounding. Her behaviour was instrumental to thw collision.

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3 20th April 2018 08:42AM

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4 20th April 2018 08:38AM

Test primeapps Expert Answers gives impartial independent legal advice based on your question and the information provided

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5 19th April 2018 07:41PM

My son died last year I want to change solicitor because I am not happy with there services.

I gave the solicitor the deeds to the house and land registry doc can they with hold the deeds if I want to change solicitors

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6 19th April 2018 04:45PM


I separated from my wife on either 15th Jan or 25th Feb (depending on if we count the day I said I wanted to split or the day I permanently moved out). We have a 20-month-old daughter and have agreed to an amicable arrangement for equal parenting and for finances.

In the months thatfollowed my new housemate and I have developed feelings for each other an embarked on a relationship, both sexually and emotionally. We are careful to only engage in this when my daughter is not in the house and my ex-wife does not yet know. I am also aware that my ex-wife is engaging in a sexual relationship of her own.

A friend has warned me that I have put myself in a situation where, if discovered, it's very likely I will lose contact with my daughter and it's likely she will be put into care as we are both being adulterous. He says this as his parents had a similar situation in around 1985 where they were both angry about the affairs and made life difficult for each other. I have no intention making life difficult but am aware my ex-wife and be irrational and unfair when upset.

How likely is such a situation and am I (specifically by carrying on an affair within the house my daughter stays at) putting myself in a risky situation regard contact?

Thanks for your time.


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7 19th April 2018 10:17AM

My landlord has kept her business address at the property I rent from her.

I regularly receive hmrc letters for her company.

When we told her she said it must be an oversight we have checked her company online and the business address is still registered at this property we rent from her.

We don’t have a copy of our lease how can we find one without contacting landlord?

How to check our deposit is secured in a scheme?

Is she breaking the law?

What are our options?

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8 19th April 2018 10:15AM

I am receiving threatening letters from an ex associate asking for money. She said that she has a solicitor but when I asked for the solicitors details she simply provided me with a generic email address for her own company. Should I be asking for the solicitors name etc?

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9 19th April 2018 10:13AM

Hi, we have offered a position to a Product Manager who is joining us from a competitor. His current employers have told him he is not allowed to work for a competitor for three months after his termination and he has signed an agreement. We have had sight of this agreement but it does not directly state that he cannot work for a competitor. It just states that he not allowed to have dealings with customers for 3 months. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Mark

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10 19th April 2018 10:11AM

Hi. My boy had accident at nursery. He had deep hole close to eye. I chat online with JF Law last week on 9 April. Later thay offer me help and they send me contact to sign it. It was No win no fee agreement. Yesterday I received call from Wolf Law ( make me afraid because the are at some address what JF Law Ltd). When I start to sarch internet I find the feedback on Yell that JF Law it's not real and scam campany. Now Im really scared if this company its trustfully and I still have right to cancel my contract with out any charges?

Kind regards

Iwona Grzybek

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