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1 27th April 2017 06:34PM

Bought s house from my 2009 now trying to sell and was asked by buyers lender for builders warrant as there is s living in the roof space which comprises of open plan living kitchen area. The work was done before my brother bought the property .the conveyenving lawyer didn't make sure that there was s letter of comfort or building warrant in the sell of the house. She had told me that because it was a private sale that there was no home report was done . This is not the case as I had the copy of it. I'm now sitting with s house that I ant sell or rent out. I have been told by building control that i the one who needs to make it right. Do I have a case against anyone. Also should I take this upwith my mortgage provider as well as I'm paying for something that's not fit for its use .

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2 27th April 2017 06:33PM

Hi I have received a NIP for speeding to which I named myself as the driver but they have sent me a letter saying I have failed to provide driver details

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3 27th April 2017 12:52PM

My husband and I received a letter from a solicitor, instructed by my husbands parents. Requesting that as agreed we should transfer our property into their name. No such agreement has ever been made. Around 7-8 years ago they gifted us some money. As our relationship with them has broken down for sometime, they have turned on us and and saying that the money was for our property. We have never ever agreed to this. Please can you advise.

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4 27th April 2017 08:30AM

I am my partner had a baby who is 2 months old now but we want to seperet and who has right to have the baby we not married

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5 26th April 2017 02:24PM

Our abusive son is 16. He has assaulted both parents and 14 year old brother. Can we legally evict him?

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6 26th April 2017 01:46PM

My 16 year old daughter starts a 3 year Professional Diploma (degree equivalent) course in September. As this is higher than an A level qualification, the government advice on child maintenance states that child maintenance is only due up to A level or equivalent, but not higher. I don't mind continueing the outgoing but I would prefer to pay directly to me daughter than her mother. Please could you clarify if this is legally ok to do so.

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7 26th April 2017 11:36AM

would i be done for man slaughter if the front passenger in my car died without a seat belt on if the crash was my fault for reckless driving

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8 26th April 2017 11:34AM

We currently have building works ongoing in our property. The neighbour's boundary wall was broken by mistake by our builders. We have made the boundary wall now as it was before on the same line.. However, the neighbour is not happy saying that the quality of the bricks used is not good & is demanding compensation of £5000. She is also pushing us saying that she will take legal action.

Is she able to take legal action against us & what is it we need to do?

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9 25th April 2017 04:58PM

My father passed away in May 2016 and his will stated 3 executors - his partner and two friends.

I paid for the funeral costs on the explicit agreement my Dad's partner would reimburse the costs shortly after the funeral. Since the funeral she has refused to talk to me and also convinced the other two executors to stand down so she is now the sole executor.

The executor has refused to give me sight of the will. Probate was granted in January this year and I have since accessed his will online.

My father owned a house in his sole name (at which his partner lived). He also had an ongoing legal claim for asbestos exposure which was estimated to pay £70k+.

His will also included an addendum which mirrored his partners will. This stated an agreement for both their assets to be included in trust for the 3 beneficiaries (myself and his partners two daughters).

I've left things to settle for a while but have recently tried contacting the exeutor again, several messages left and still no response. I have 4 questions:

1. What action should I take to recover the funeral costs and obtain my personal belongings from my dad's house, and more importantly what obligation does she have as executor. I have receipts and paperwork.

2. As beneficiary of the trust what rights do I have to see the executors accounts, and how should I go about requesting these?

3. Can his partner revoke the addendum agreement and exclude me from her own will?

4. Assuming the executor follows my fathers will and places his tangible assets in trust, what happens when she passes away - who would take on the role of trustee given the other two executors have stood down?

Kind Regards


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10 25th April 2017 03:10PM

Can the police come and caution you a month after u get cought with cannabis

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