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07/01/2017 mritzp

We would like to have

Thank you very much for your answer and for pointing out the consequences of changing the lock by ourselves. Thank you again for identifying the relevant clause in the agreement. Have a great weekend, Moritz
22/12/2016 fizzcomms

I'm an owner of a publ

Excellent service at a fraction of high street prices. Thoroughly recommend it!
12/12/2016 Skullydog

I have been charged wi

I cannot praise David enough for all the help and advice and answers and patience he showed. I was pulling my hair out going around in circles with no light at the end of the tunnel. Then I found expert answers and David. Regards Bill
28/11/2016 document

What will happen if i

thank you for your advice you wre very helpful,thank you
27/11/2016 hubs

Dear Sir / Madam,

Many thanks David.
24/11/2016 nsewell

I left my previous emp

Excellent answers, clear and detailed enough to know what I should do next. Thank you very much
17/11/2016 garodedeyan


I am chair

Thank you David, very pleased with the service and kind attention.
16/11/2016 UKCopywriter

Do you have to prove p

Excellent advice, thank you very much!
08/11/2016 Catty21

Hi There,

I have

Thank you for the help David. I know everything turned on its head whilst I was talking to you but I appreciate the feedback anyway. I'm sure that this will never happen again but I will keep a note of this unless the council does anything similar to somebody else. Kind Regards Sam
04/11/2016 Amyf

I have raised a grieva

Excellent response, more detailed then I expected and provided helpful next steps for me to take. Throughly impressed.

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