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Ask our solicitors online for legal advice. With more and more individuals self representing it is now more imperative you understand what your rights are, how to conduct yourself in court and gather the information you require. Know your legal rights, get legal help from our online solicitors to understand them and know what steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

You can ask your question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get a response from our solicitors online (often) in a few minutes.Ensure you get a good night's sleep tonight. Ask our legal experts for advice now!

It is often said the law is an "ass" and does not make sense. If professionals, like solicitors and lawyers, are often confused by the law there is no hope for the average man in the street to understand the law.

This is where Expert Answers can help. Expert Answers changes the way you can get the advice you need. Ask our solicitors online for advice so you can better understand your legal rights and find a resolution quickly.

  • Learn, from solicitors online, what your options are.
  • Get independent solicitors advice online.
  • Why pay huge fees to be told you do not have a case.
  • Know, is it worth suing and the chances of success.
  • Learn how to move forward with your case.
  • Find out if you need a solicitor. Without the costs.
  • Know what your legal rights are, quickly.
  • Discover what your entitlements are.
  • Help to complete legal documents correctly.
  • Get documents, contracts and agreements reviewed.
  • Learn what will happen when you go to court.
  • Get tips on how to conduct yourself in court.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes early in the legal process.

First Step Solicitors Advice

Make Expert Answers your first step legal advice support and save £100s if not £1000s on legal fees. Get honest independent legal advice now. Quick response to urgent, important and complex legal issues from experienced and verified solicitors online.

Since our establishment we have saved our users tens of thousands in legal fees. But more importantly given them peace of mind in dealing with their legal problems.

Because we do not have a vested interest in your case means we can be both independent and as frank as it is possible to be. We will not give you the answer You want but we will give the correct answer. Because we do not have a vested interest in your case we will not try to "up-sell" to more expensive services or use "free" giveaways to obtain your details to sell to others.

Expert Answers change the way you access reliable & confidential legal advice. You will get unlimited 1-2-1 with our solicitors online for as long as you need.Online legal advice that will save you time and money and more importantly give you peace of mind in minutes.

Expert Answers is a Corporate Affiliate Member of theTrading Standards Institute (number 025143) and has a 5 Star Trust Pilot Rating.

Discover why our users love our legal advice service read our customer reviews here.

Get Online Solicitors Advice

Get the legal advice you need from Online Solicitors. It is estimated that there are 5 million Individuals and businesses in the UK with a legal problem. Of which, approximately 2 million have nowhere to turn to get help with their problem.

With the demise of legal aid it is now getting harder for individuals to get access to accurate solicitors advice. This is where online solicitors from Expert Answers can help. Expert Answers Solicitors provide legal advice on our platform in timely manner.

There are 140 legal professionals available on our platform including Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers and Legal Executives. Our online solicitors will answer your questions in a one to one with you with you via your own control panel. This will be a private and confidential one to one, you can post a question 24/7, and their skills cover most areas of UK law.

We provide straight forward answers and next step guidance to your legal questions.

Get the answer you need now. Whether it is 2pm in the afternoon or 2am in the morning you can ask a question and quite often our solicitors are answering question late into the evening and even at weekends.

Legal Advice for Free

If you do not want to post your question to our online solicitors above, you can use our self help free legal advice service here. We have created an extensive database of free legal advice self-help guides. Covering all areas of UK law.

The guides are designed to help you get answers to your legal questions for free. They are written by experienced professionals including Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers And legal executives. They are organised by category alphabetically which makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for. We are constantly adding to this resource and currently there are over 500 guides and we are confident you will find an answer to your question there.

Animal Welfare Act

There are codes of practice for the welfare of dogs, cats, horses (including other equidae) and privately kept non-human primates. They provide owners and keepers with information on how to meet the welfare needs of their animals, as required under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. They can also be used in courts as evidence in cases brought before them relating to poor welfare. The codes apply to England only (Wales and Scotland have their own equivalent codes), and are in force from 6 April 2010.(source .gov website).

Get legal advice for free on Animal Laws.

Bailiffs Advice

If you are having financial problems and concerned about being threatened with action from a bailiff, you may have received a letter from a bailiffs office and worried about what the next steps will be, you can get bailiff advice from solicitors online at Expert Answers.

You can get advice about your rights and confidential and independent bailiff advice and what they can do.

Get legal advice for free on Bailiffs.

Business Law

It is widely recognised there is a great need need for SMEs to have better access to affordable, jargon free legal services. Without access to affordable legal services most businesses are often put off taking the necessary steps that will protect them and their assets now and in the future. It is the frequently avoidable legal mistakes made by small businesses which end up costing them dearly later on.

Recent You Gov research highlighted that SMEs in the UK lose over approximately £13 billion a year as a result of failing to take adequate legal advice and legal steps to protect their assets. These include contracts and agreements, intellectual property, regulations, HR and employment disputes.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy in the UK, access to the law needs to be quick, convenient and more importantly affordable. The Expert Answers Platform makes access to legal experts both convenient and affordable and within reach of all.

Get legal advice for free on Business Laws.

Child Law

The Children Act 1989 was introduced to provide comprehensive legislation that ensures the developmental needs and welfare requirements of children are met and they are protected from any form of harm.

Get legal advice for free on Child Laws.

Claim Preparation

If you have ever received a formal letter in relation to a dispute you may have seen the phrase “without prejudice” used at the beginning of the letter, but many people don’t know what this actually means. This is a legal term and if used on any type of document whether it is a letter or a monetary offer of settlement, it can protect your position.

Get legal advice for free on Claim Preparation.

Consumer Law

In order to safeguard consumers, The Consumer Protection Act was introduced to provide rights when purchasing a product or service. This legislation outlines the obligations that businesses have such as labelling correctly to avoid misrepresenting products or to provide health and safety information.

Consumer law incorporates a number of different issues including fraud, product liability, unfair business practice and many more. As well as being compliant with UK law, businesses are also obliged to comply with European legislation which relates to consumer protection.

Get legal advice for free on Consumer Law.

Contract Law

Contracts play a big part in our everyday life and existence. Contracts will affect everyone in different ways, sometimes big, sometimes small. Contracts arise in a variety of situations from employment contracts to contracts to buy and sell goods and services. At home, you will have a contract for the supply of utilities, gas, electricity, water, for your television, and virtually everything to do with your daily life.

Get legal advice for free on Contract Law.

Court Judgement

Court judgements can have a major impact on yours and others lives. Our free legal advice guides can take you through what a court judgement is and the possible ramifications for those involved. From restraining orders to Judicial reviews.

Get legal advice for free on Court Judgement.

Court Proceeding

The majority of criminal proceedings begin in the magistrate’s court and over 90% of them will reach their conclusion in this court too. If the offence is more serious, it will be passed over to the Crown Court. This is either for a full trial with a judge or jury or in the majority of cases, for sentencing once the defendant has been found guilty through the Magistrates court.

Get legal advice for free on Court Proceeding.

Defamation Law

You will probably know someone who uses online social networks or even use them yourself. Facebook is one of the many pan-global ways of instantly communicating with all your friends and expressing opinions about anything. It is also alarmingly easy for strangers (in particular, company representatives) to see your comments. That could spell disaster if you’re seen to be venting your frustration over a product/service. There have already been defamation of character UK Law cases for defamatory Facebook comments.

Get legal advice for free on Defamation Law.

Descrimination Law

Discrimination is when an individual is treated unfairly because of a protected characteristic, such as sex, race or disability. An example of this would be a woman not getting the promotion simply for being a woman and the job goes to a less qualified man simply because he is a man.

Get legal advice for free on Descrimination Law.

Divorce Advice

If you have finally decided that you can’t work it out and you are getting divorced then you may find the following divorce advice useful.

Hopefully, not only will it be useful, it will also save you some money on your divorce. Hopefully it will also remove a little bit of the mystery surrounding some of the phrases such as “ancillary relief”.

The following is not meant to be the definitive divorce advice guide. There are plenty of books been written on the subject (many of them read by lawyers at a very expensive hourly rate!) and a visit to the local bookshop or internet will come up with volumes and volumes.

Get legal advice for free on Divorce Laws.

Drugs Laws

The law on Class A Drugs in the UK is enforced as part of wider legislation under The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Medicines Act.
This legislation was introduced to prohibit the use of drugs for reasons that were not medically related and it controls not only medicinal drugs which are defined in the Medicines Act but also class a drugs which have no medical use.

As a law which is primarily aimed at the general public rather than medical providers, any drug under this act will be referred to as a controlled drug.

Get legal advice for free on Drugs Law.

Employment Law

Many businesses require their employees to carry out activities which involve the use of equipment or substances that can be hazardous to health. In these workplaces, employees must be provided with Personal Protective Equipment and there is a set of ppe regulations which govern the scenarios when this equipment should be issued.

PPE regulations was introduced through The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992 and it placed a number of obligations on employers and employees to ensure that they comply with these new regulations.

Get legal advice for free on Employment Law.

Environmental Law

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 relates to how waste is managed and how emissions into the environment should be controlled.

Part 1 of the Act defines general guidelines which were created by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2008 can set limitations on any process which creates emissions.

Previously enforcement of emissions was the responsibility of local authorities and the HM Inspectorate of Pollution. From 1996, the Environment Agency took over.

Get legal advice for free on Environmental Law.

Estate Law

Making a will is one of those things that many of us never give a second thought, but they are so important for a number of reasons. A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes after your death.

These wishes relate to your finances, property, possessions and care of children under the age of 16 years. When you create a will it is a legally binding document that is made in writing, signed by witnesses and completed properly.

Wills that are incorrectly prepared or not signed and witnessed properly may be invalid. This will result in a number of problems when it comes to administering your estate.

Get legal advice for free on Estate Law.

Crown Prosecution Service

Up until just after the end of the first quarter of the 19th century if anyone wanted to prosecute a criminal they either had to do it on their own or pay lawyers.

From 1829, with the advent of the various police forces, those forces undertook criminal prosecutions.

In the early 1960s prosecutions were moved into separate departments but still within the police force. In 1985, this was moved completely away from the police and the Crown Prosecution Service was set up as a direct result of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. The CPS became operational the following year.

There is a similar organisation in Scotland called the Crown Office and in Northern Ireland, the Public Prosecution Service.

The overall head of the Crown Prosecution Service is the Director of Public Prosecutions who reports to the Attorney General in England and Wales.

Get legal advice for free on Crown Prosecution Service.

Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 1998 was introduced to protect the rights of individuals. This Act states that government organisations, local authorities and the police must treat everyone equally and with dignity, respect and fairness.

In the UK anyone can use the Act regardless of whether they were born here. Children, adults, members of the public and even prisoners can exercise their human rights by applying the terms of the Act.

Get legal advice for free on Human Rights

Inheritance Law

It would be fair to say that the inheritance tax people have to pay is an unpopular tax but it is one that many estates have to pay when someone passes away. The threshold for inheritance tax in the United Kingdom is £325,000 (in 2013/14) and anyone that passes away with an estate that is less than this figure is not eligible for inheritance tax.

However, for those that are eligible for this tax, the tax is payable at a level of 40% for the amount owed above the level or 36% if the estate is eligible for a reduced rate thanks to a charitable donation.

Get legal advice for free on Inheritance Law

Intellectual Property

Trademark infringement occurs when a business or individual uses the same trademark as another operating in the same industry. If the trademark is likely to cause confusion amongst consumers or the trademark is so similar that they identify the goods or services to be from the same company, the party who has committed the infringement can be prosecuted.

Furthermore, where the trademark has gained recognition such as that of a well-known brand, an offence of trademark infringement may be committed even if the offender uses a mark which doesn’t cause confusion but it has an unfair advantage in relation to the reputation of the registered company. This can often occur when the business who have ‘copied’ the trademark produce inferior or poor quality products or the products are significantly different from those that the registered trademark holder offers.

Get legal advice for free on Intellectual Property.

Marriage Advice

Cohabiting or living with your partner often creates misunderstanding and confusion about legal rights. Couples either believe that they have the same rights as a married couple because of common law or they have little or no rights at all. However, both of these assumptions are incorrect.

As a couple, moving in together is an exciting time and the last thing you want to think about is if something goes wrong. However, it is important to consider the legal implications this may have and what safeguards you can put in place if the partnership ends due to death or separation.

Get legal advice for free on Marriage Advice

Other Areas of Free Legal Advice

Motoring Law.
Neighbour Disputes.
Personal Finance.
Personal Injury.
Property Law.
Sales law.
Tax Law.
Tenants Rights

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is designed to help people access free legal advice especially those without financial means. Unfortunately, the Legal aid budget has been cut making it more and more difficult for people to receive state-funded legal advice.

Depending on the area you live in the UK, your individual circumstances and criteria you may be required to make a contribution towards the legal costs of your case. Some areas of law are no longer covered by legal aid, which has reduced access to justice for some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Legal Aid Eligibility Criteria?

  • Losing your home, or if it’s in serious disrepair
  • Protecting yourself or your child from abuse or harassment
  • Some types of clinical negligence
  • Poor quality care you or a family member are getting due to age, disability or special educational needs
  • Advice on finances, children or divorce if you’ve been in an abusive relationship
  • A child in your family is at risk of being taken into care
  • Family mediation
  • Discrimination
  • Challenging the way the government has made a decision about you
  • Seeking asylum or being the victim of human trafficking
  • Being arrested, charged or questioned by the police
  • Representation at a mental health tribunal or inquest
  • Appealing a decision made by the social security tribunal about your benefits to the Upper Tribunal, Court of Appeal or Supreme CourtYou may be able to get legal aid in other exceptional circumstances ask one of our online solicitors if you are eligible.

Other Sources of Legal Advice for Free

Law Centres
You can get free legal advice from your local Law Centre. Law centres are staffed by solicitors and other legal professionals – and normally will offer advice on matters such as employment, immigration, housing and welfare benefits. You can get more information and find your local law centre here.

Citizens Advice Bureau
Your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offers free legal advice, confidential and impartial advice on a wide range of legal matters and your best course of action to take. You can find your nearest office here.

Legal Aid Information
Under certain circumstances, you might be eligible for legal aid to help meet the costs of legal advice, family mediation, legal representation in court or tribunal. You can get more information on legal aid, what is covered and whose eligible here.

The Law Society
For those who are eligible for Legal aid towards their case, you can use the law society website to find a solicitor or legal adviser in your area that can help you.find details here.

Free Legal advice Blog We have put together a comprehensive free legal advice self help resource that includes articles on popular UK law topics as well as a number of videos covering a number of aspects of UK law. We have also compiled a list of UK law firms, should you need to contact one directly (please note any inclusion or link to external law firms does not constitue an endorsement or recommnedation for that firm and is merely included here as a resource).

Here you can access our free legal advice blog.

Ask Solicitors You can post a question on our free legal advice website. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will recieve a answer. Answers are provided at the discretion of the solicitors and other legal professionals who give their time for free.

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