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Expert Answers is an online solicitor advice service founded by two practising solicitors and an eCommerce consultant to provide accurate no non-sense independent legal advice across the UK.

Expert Answers to date have helped over 400,000 people with their legal issues, saved users £millions and have a 5 star Trust Pilot Rating.

In 2012 Expert Answers appeared on Dragons Den , alas we did not get any investment as the Dragons felt no one would look for/need solicitor advice online.

Yet 9 years later here we are.

Management Team

Understand Your Rights

Expert Answers bridges the gap between those who can afford to pay high street prices for solicitors advice and those who do not qualify for legal aid.

Expert Answers have specialist team of experienced online solicitors who can assist you with any legal problem.

do you need to understand?

  • What your position is in law?
  • What your options are?
  • What you can do to get redress?
  • What are the consequences of his, her or your own actions?
  • Can you sue? Is it worth suing?
  • What can you expect?
  • What are my rights?

  • How It Works

    1. 1. Ask A Question
    2. 2. User Creates an Account (to access their answer)
    3. 3. Question appears on our platform
    4. 4. Visible to all our Experts registered in that category
    5. 5. Suitably qualified Expert takes control of your question
    6. 6. Expert may request further information if needed
    7. 7. Expert Answers Question
    8. 8. You login to your account to view your answer
    9. 9. You can ask for clarification or explanation on any points you do not understand
    10. 10. Question remains open till you are satisifed your question has been answered

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Every question posted on our site is treated with the utmost confidentiality and empathy.

Experts must answer questions against a rigid criteria as follows:

  • Speed
  • Understanding of problem
  • Accuracy of advice
  • Completeness of advice
  • Empathy with user

All experts are vetted to ensure they understand and adhere strictly to the above. We will not allow any expert who is not suitably qualified to answer any questions. We check their credentials against the SRA register or the BAR role.

Accurate Solicitors Advice

Get quality and accurate solicitors advice online from qualified and experienced solicitors.

Expert Answers is not a public advice forum where answers are provided by non qualified "experts" and full of opinion and conjecture. Expert Answers is not a lead generation service where you are offered "free legal advice" but your question and details are sold to law firms who pay a subscription for them.

Unlike other legal advice websites, including free legal advice websites, your confidential question and answer thread is not visible to anyone other than You, your expert and admin.

It is not indexed by search engines therefore, it will not be found by someone searching the Internet. It would require a court order for us to reveal the contents of your question and answer thread.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
We like to think we, do not just answer your question, provide a more complete service than any other online legal advice service. For example our experts will guide you step-by-step through any legal process you do not understand. They will assist you to complete legal forms, review, and comment or make recommendations on agreements and contracts.

You will have your own account login unique to you (you will create this) where you will see all your questions and answers in chronological order. The question thread remains open for as long as you require, untill you are totally satisfied your question has been answered or you no longer require our assistance.

We believe we provide the most comprehensive online legal advice UK service available.

Data gathering
Answering a question online is relatively easy and straightforward, there is a plethora of online legal advice services both paid and free. Expert Answers goes beyond just answering your question, short of representing you we do almost everything else.

Most paid sites tend to offer a limited service unless you sign up for a monthly subscription.

Free legal advice websites are data gathering i.e. your confidential details, which is then sold or sent to law firms or claims management companies.

If they have to ask for your name, then it is almost certain they will be selling your details.

Before posting your question ensure you know who you are dealing with. Check reputations via third party review sites such as Trust Pilot before parting with your money or your details.

Some of our Experts

*Unlimited Chat With The Expert

*You can talk unlimited with the Expert, once you have received your full answer. You will have unlimited 1-2-1 access to the Expert who will help you resolve your query as fully as possible.

We aim to offer a convenient solution to help you find the legal answers that you need. Whether you post a question at 2pm or 2am, our online solicitors are online (almost) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any legal question.

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Why not read some of our customer reviews to see what our users have to say about us:

Never worry about a legal issue again. Expert Answers offer Independent Legal Advice delivered online giving you clarity and peace of mind, without costly legal fees.

So why not ask our Experts and resolve your legal problem today.

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Please be patient and allow our experts up to 24 hours to give you a tailored legal response. Your answer may require some research.

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Over 325,000 users have benefited from Expert Answers read their testimonials on our Online Legal Advice Service or see their reviews on Trust Pilot