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Expert Answers have specialist team of experienced online solicitors who can assist you with any legal problem.

Once you have asked your question one of our specialist lawyers online will review your query and respond with detailed legal advice.

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  • What your position is in law?
  • What your options are?
  • What you can do to get redress?
  • What are the consequences of his, her or your own actions?
  • Can you sue? Is it worth suing?
  • What can you expect?

Our Story So Far

Expert Answers bridges the gap between those who can afford to pay high street prices for Legal Advice and those who do not qualify for legal aid.

Founded by two practising solicitors to provide accurate no non-sense independent legal advice. Expert Answers to date has helped over 3000,000 people with their legal issues and have a 5 star Trust Pilot Rating.

In 2012 Expert Answers appeared on Dragons Den , alas we did not get any investment as the Dragons felt no one would look for/need legal advice online. Yet 7 years later here we are.

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  • 1.Ask A Question
  • 2.User Creates an Account (to access their answer)
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  • 5.Suitably qualified Expert takes control of your question
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  • 9.Ask for clarification or explanation on any points you do not understand
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Accurate Solicitors Advice

Get quality and accurate solicitors advice online from qualified and experienced Experts.

Expert Answers is not a public legal advice forum where answers are provided by non qualified "experts" and full of opinion and conjecture. Expert Answers is not a lead generation service where you are offered "free legal advice" but your question and details are sold to law firms who pay a subscription for them.

Expert Answers guarantees your question will be answered by a suitably qualified Expert and usually a specialist in their field.

Expert Answers is both confidential and anonymous. Only You, the Expert and Admin will be able to see your question and answers, it will not be visible on the Internet for others to see.

Our Management Team

  • James Mather (co-founder) - Solicitor : Senior Moderator
  • Gareth Edwards - Solicitor: Site Moderator : Compliance
  • Dr. Glyn Carter - Management Consultant : Corporate Governance
  • Jo Morris - Barrister : Advisor to Manangement Team
  • Lloyd Barrett (co-founder) - Technical Services & Customer Support
  • P.S. A big thank you to Andrew Rees, Gaynor Roberts and the team from Cheshire West & Chester Trading Standards for their help, guidance and Input with Expert Answers in the early days. Also a big thank you to Emma Jones, Anglesey Trading Standards Operations Manager.

Some of our Experts

*Unlimited Free Legal Advice

*Free legal advice, is available after you have received your full answer. You will have unlimited free 1-2-1 access to the Expert who will help you resolve your query as fully as possible.

We aim to offer a convenient solution to help you find the legal answers that you need. Whether you post a question at 2pm or 2am, our online solicitors are online (almost) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any legal question.

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Never worry about a legal issue again. Expert Answers offer Independent Legal Advice delivered online giving you clarity and peace of mind, without costly legal fees.

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Please be patient and allow our experts up to 24 hours to give you a tailored legal response. Your answer may require some research.

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