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Legal Questions Answered by Experts

Most people cannot get access to affordable legal advice in the UK. With the reduction in the eligibility for Legal Aid and the scaling back of the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux we are seeing more and more people marginalised.

Expert Answers has been created to fill the gap between high street Solicitors and Legal Aid. By providing those people, with limited means, the opportunity to get reliable legal advice from solicitors online at a price they can afford, we aim to help people find the answers they need, and in some situations providing free legal advice. In fact, we take the pricing issue away from Solicitors and put it firmly in the hands of the client.

Never before has someone been able to say to a solicitor or barrister, "This is how much the legal advice is worth to me. Now will you answer my question?" Usually, a Solicitor or Barrister says "This is how much it will cost, now what was the question?" We use a panel of Solicitors online, Barristers and other Legal Professionals in all areas of law who are committed to providing straightforward Legal Answers at an affordable price.

Earn Money from Expert Answers

Our affiliate scheme allows you to earn money online from commission on questions asked by people you send to our website. You can send people in a number of ways: banners or buttons on your website; links in your emails; links on your blog; your Twitter account; Facebook – whatever you choose. For more advanced users we can setup a specific application programming interface (API).

Why join the Expert Answers online affiliate scheme?

Whether you are a charity, social enterprise or commercial organisation, it is likely that you will have customers, members or employees who may sometimes need reliable legal advice. By becoming an affiliate you are aligning yourself with an organisation committed to providing legal advice to those people who can’t necessarily afford it.

How much money can I earn?

Clearly, we are unlikely to get you to refer clients to us for nothing, so we would like to pay you a reasonable commission. You’ll earn 50% commission on the fee expertanswers.co.uk gets paid, fees paid via PayPal or bank transfer on a monthly basis.

How long will this take?

This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes at most. You can be referring business and earning commission very quickly.

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