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A divorce can be an extremely difficult time for the couple involved and the people around them. If there are children involved with the marriage, it can be an extremely trying time and it is important to be prepared for what is likely to happen during divorce proceedings. The problem with knowing what to expect with divorce is the fact that no two divorces are the same hence it is imperative to get good divorce advice. Much in the same way that every marriage is unique, a divorce is unique too.

This is why it is impossible to say what timescale a divorce will take from the time that the terms have been agreed. A lot depends on the couples involved and it is possible for a divorce to be agreed in a short space of time. However, if the couple are unable to reach an agreement about the terms of the divorce, it is common to have to wait for at least two years for the trial to take place.

What are the costs of divorce

Another thing that many people would like to know about a divorce is what are the costs involved. Again, it is impossible to say because there are many different factors involved with a divorce which will influence this outcome. You need to take on board the disagreements between the couple, the price and experience of the lawyers involved and the amount of property that is being considered in the case. If there is a difficulty in determining the value of the property, it can take a long way to come to an agreement. It should always be remembered that emotional conflict and disagreement can have an impact on the length of time it takes to conclude a divorce and this can impact on the financial element of the divorce.

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When it comes to helping the divorce, it is important to think about the emotional impact on yourself, your former partner and the people around you. While there is no law preventing someone from dating while a divorce is in the process of being concluded, this may be difficult for the other people around you to take. This can lead to an emotional reaction which may see the divorce being delayed or being more difficult to resolve.

It is important to take on board what marital property is. Martial property is considered to be all of the property that has been obtained after the marriage began through either inheritance or receiving a gift. If there is property that has been obtained before the marriage, it is not considered to be martial property unless it has since been placed in joint names.

Divorce can impact on children greatly

When there are children involved, there are a number of aspects to take into consideration with custody being the most important aspect. A decision of joint custody will see both parents agreeing to share the responsibility for the key decisions in the raising of the child or children. There will be rules distinctly expressed in an agreement that both parties in the divorce will have to agree to.

It is common for the child or children to live mainly with one parent and then an agreement over the amount of time that they spend with the other parent is made. If a joint custody agreement has been put in place, it can be difficult to move away or make plans that impact on the other person’s rights so this should always be borne in mind.

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Divorce Advice
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