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Learn,from solicitors online, what your options are.
Why pay huge fees to be told you do not have a case.
Know, is it worth suing and the chances of success.
Learn how to move forward with your case.
Find out if you need a solicitor without the costs.
Know what your legal rights are quickly.
Help to complete legal documents correctly.
Learn what will happen when you go to court.
Get tips on how to conduct yourself in court.
Avoid expensive mistakes early in the legal process.

Make Expert Answers your first port of call and save £100s if not £1000s on legal fees. Get an honest legal opinion now.

It is estimated Expert Answers, over the last 10 years, has saved its users over £3 million in legal fees.

Because we do not have a vested interest in the case means we can be both independent and as frank as we want to be.

Example Law Questions

  • What am I entitled to after my Divorce?
  • Not on the birth certificate what rights do I have?
  • Can my ex move abroad with our child?
  • Can the landlord enter without permission?
  • My neighbour is claiming the shared drive as theirs?
  • I am a beneficiary I am allowed to see the will?
  • I have been unfairly dismissed what can I do?
  • What are grandparents rights to see grandchildren?
  • How do I apply for easement rights?
  • I have been defamed on social media. Can I sue?
  • What are my rights to return a faulty car?
  • What will happen this is my first offence?
  • Can I drop the DV accusation against my partner?
  • Ex is in former home do I have to pay the mortgage?
  • Am I entitled to 50% of equity in former home?
  • I am owed £5000 how can i get it back?
  • Neighbours making my life hell, what can I do?
  • Driving without a licence. What will happen?
  • My first offence will I go to jail?

Know Your Legal Rights

Know your legal rights, get legal help to understand them and know what steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

You can ask your question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get a response from our solicitors online (often) in a few minutes.

Ensure you get a good night's sleep tonight. Ask our online solicitors for advice now!

Independent Legal Help Online

Independent legal help you can trust from verified solicitors and lawyers. There are no gimmicks. Just straightforward and frank advice.

Expert Answers provide accurate no-nonsense legal advice online from experienced and highly qualified solicitors and lawyers.

Expert Answers is a Corporate Affiliate Member of the Trading Standards Institute (number 025143) and has a 5 Star Trust Pilot Rating.

N.B please note we do not tell you what you want to hear, but we will give you the right answer to your question

Legal Services

Legal services include review of legal documentation, agreements and contracts highlighting pitfalls and deal breakers.

Need help deciphering a legal document or judgement ask our solicitors for help.

Find a Solicitor

With over 100 lawyers, solicitors and legal experts, including employment law and family law specialists, available on our platform we are confident you will find a solicitor or lawyer capable of answering your question and providing the legal help you need.

All our legal professionals are members of the Law Society and their relevant professional bodies.

Please Note: Our Solicitors and Lawyers are not allowed to take instructions or act for you on our platform. They can only provide advice and guidance as to how you can deal with your legal issue.

Expert Answers is the UK's oldest online legal advice service with over 300,000 legal questions asked to date.

*Unlimited 1-2-1 Chat with Solicitor

Once you have received and viewed your full answer you can follow up with the Expert dealing with your question for no additional costs for as long as you need.( Subject to our fair use policy please see T&Cs for details).

**Telephone or Video Conference

Only available once your written question has been posted. Ask your Expert if you would prefer to converse by telephone or Video.

You will get unlimited 1-2-1 with your Expert for as long as you need.

Expert Answers is your 24/7 online legal advice service .

Guaranteed Answers

We guarantee to answer all questions posted on our secure, confidential platform and quite often you will get an answer in minutes.

You will get a response within 2 hours, and a full answer within 24 hours from the Expert (provided they have all the information they need, we ask for your patience as your question/answer may require some research), but we aim to be a lot quicker.

We ask for up 24 hours to answer your question as there maybe some research required in order to provide the best possible answer. Plus, our Experts are working solicitors and lawyers and have clients outside of our platform and maybe in and out of court throughout the day.

Expert Answers is the only legal questions and answer website "IN THE UK" owned, moderated and managed by qualified Lawyers and Solicitors.

Ask Family Law Solicitors

Family Law also known as Matrimonial Law – our family law solicitors can answer questions relating to legal issues surrounding domestic relations between families. The majority of questions surrounding family law covers marital, civil and domestic partnerships.

Other areas our family law solicitors can advise you on include but not limited to:

  • Divorce and annulment
  • Child custody
  • Support & visitation rights
  • Ancillary relief
  • Child Maintenance
  • Property & financial settlements
  • Adoption
  • Child care & protection
  • Domestic violence (DV)
  • Paternity Suites
  • Pre & Post-nuptial agreements
  • Spousal Maintenance

**Save Money You Decide

Did you know a high street solicitor will charge you an average of £225 + VAT per hour for a 1-2-1 consultation.

Expert Answers change the way you access reliable & confidential legal advice. You will get unlimited 1-2-1 with your Expert for as long as you need.

Online legal advice that will save you time and money and more importantly give you peace of mind in minutes.

Your Question

Your question will be dealt with sensitivity and empathy. Experts will provide clear advice and guidance on the next steps.

You will be able to follow up with the Expert for clarification and explanation on anything in your answer you do not understand.

Expert Answers is not a lead generation service for law firms. We do not forward your questions to third party lawyers and solicitors for them to cherry pick which questions they wish to answer. Questions answered directly on our secure and confidential platform.

N.B Please note all our Experts must be registered on the Solicitors Regulation Society (SRA) website or the Barristers Roll before they can register to answer questions on our platform. They must also be members of the Law Society in order to answer questions on here.

Important information on how we deal with your questions here

Free Legal Advice Buyer Beware

How many times have you posted your question on "free legal advice" websites or forums, where you may or may not get an answer. Answers from bar room lawyers or if you are lucky read from a script by a student in a call centre. With your confidential information visible for the world to see on the internet. Days, weeks have passed and you are probably still waiting for your answer.

Why waste time and energy or big risk that the answers you get, at best, are wrong or at worst will create a big issue if you act on the advice you have been given

Before you post your question on websites offering free legal advice be sure you know who they are, what they are offering and where they are based.

For example, here is a free legal advice service provider based in Pakistan,

Remember, if its free it is often only worth what you have paid for it.

Secure & Confidential

All questions posted on our platform are confidential and anonymous. Only you and the Expert will be able to see your question and answer thread. Other Experts and users will not be able to see your question thread. Questions are not visible on the Internet and cannot be indexed by search engines.

Because questions are posted anonymously you can be as frank and open as you like without fear of being judged. It would require your written permission or court order for us to reveal your question details.

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

Over 325,000 users have benefited from Expert Answers read their testimonials on our Online Legal Advice Service or see their reviews on Trust Pilot