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1 18th April 2019 07:03PM

I’m coming to the end of the 6 month probation period with my employer.

Unfortunately, during this time things have not gone well. Whilst there have been no complaints about the quality of my work. The person assigned to monitor my progress and judge my suitability for the role (not my line manager, but a peer) has made life very difficult. During a recent progress review they ended the session my launching into a tirade detailing how they found me to be depressing to work with and that the thought of continuing to work with me was very unappealing.

Since then, and having made an effort to try and maintain a professional approach, the relationship has deteriorated, to the extent that now I am approaching the end of the probation period I feel certain that I will be told to leave.

Is there anything that I can do about this? Or do I simply have to accept that this is part and parcel of a probation period.

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2 18th April 2019 06:19PM

Hi, in January, I left my husband and marital home. We have a mortgage together, which he has paid, while I've paid for other direct debit bills, such as electric, phone broadband, food shopping. I've continued to pay the direct debits since leaving. Is it something that would be beneficial for me to continue doing?

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3 18th April 2019 12:34PM

Hello, I am a resident in the UK looking to invest in a small business in Estonia (EU). Is it more tax efficient for me to register Estonian shares under my own name or under my UK limited company?

Thanks a lot

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4 18th April 2019 09:55AM

Hello, I am thinking of buying my Dads local authority house (right to buy). With him leaving it to me after his day.

What would happen if he had to go & live in an Old Peoples Home, Would the Local Authority sell his house to pay for his upkeep in a Home & leave me out of pocket or would the house be classed as being mine?

Many Thanks

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5 17th April 2019 10:27PM

Had pains in right side for over a year was kept giving tablets for it then went back to doctors an seen a new one an asked did I ever get a scan said no now I have a bad kidney with scars on it

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6 17th April 2019 07:26PM


I need advice as I run a competition website called Peach Prizes which raffles guitars and other music related products. We’ve been contacted by a legal representative of a guitar shop called Peach Guitars.

They are accusing us of “Passing off” as the names are similar. I can forward the letter if it helps.



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7 17th April 2019 06:31PM

Someone has contacted me to say that i have infringed on a copyrighted design of hers and i don't know where i stand.

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8 17th April 2019 06:29PM

I recently bought a two-bedroom house, which comes with one and a half acre of land in a small town (for over a million!!).

The property is not listed on the building conservation area our agents told my husband that we could make as many adjustments and extensions as we wished as we had a planning permission.

Therefore, we planned to double the size of the property taking advantage of the land coming with it, we thought: easy, wright??

However, they told us that: we could make changes just on the ground level (wtf?!?!), that we were ruining the "environnement" (O-o), neighbours complaint that they could not watch their stupid trees, I'm speechless, no, I'm furious!

We were foolled and lied to by these people and I don't want them to get away with this. If I can't make it bigger I don't see the use of this small house with garden anymore!!!

I want to ask if we can ask damages because they lied about the permission!

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9 17th April 2019 06:01PM

My relationship has broken Down with my son’s mother. He is 11. I have a mortgage with her but decided to leave give her the house but I want to get off the mortgage. Apparently though she cannot get a mortgage for the property as she changed jobs and hasn’t worked there long enough for the bank to issue the loan. Can I force her to sell the house so I can get off the mortgage

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10 17th April 2019 05:58PM

Hi,I have signed up for a hair loss treatment with a Surrey hair loss clinic in Guildford during my initial consultation.As I was under a lot of stress due to bad hair loss,didn’t read the contract just signed it,for six months,paid 1400£.Had one treatment there and then.Came back home and couple of day later my health and family circumstances have changed and I wanted to cancel the treatment and get a refund.The company refused to give me my money back and said the contract stated that the money has to be paid in full whether I continue with the treatment or not.I have sent them several e-mails asking for the refund with no success.I have written in one of my e-mails this morning that I will leave a bad review on their website due to disappointment of their service and got a reply that they have now contacted their solicitor due to me blackmailing them.

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