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 Legal Advice on Appearing In Court Copyright Infringement On Images
 If you are appearing in court this video will give you a pointers on how to behave and create a good impression When you go onto Google Images has it ever occurred to you to who owns them?

Bailiff Advice
Can they force entry? What can they take? This video gives you tips and advice on how to deal with them.

  Credit Agreement Advice your Consumer Rights
  If Credit Company cannot give you with a signed copy    of the agreement, they can't enforce the agreement


Fence boundaries
One of the biggest reason for neighbours falling out this video gives you advice on what you can do.

Discrimination in the Workplace is not all it Seems
People come to us and they ask questions where they claim they have been discriminated in the workplace

 Cancelled Car Insurance
 Have you had your car insurance cancelled by your insurers? Find out what you can do about it in this video.
Child Maintenance Service - Non Resident Parent
Child Maintenance Service the new name for the CSA

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