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123rd August 2019 10:13PM

I’m looking for some advice for a small claim I have submitted. I have just had a response from the defendant stating they still won’t pay the amount owed. I can forward the initial claim and evidence and can forward the response.

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223rd August 2019 10:11PM


I am IT contractor working through my Ltd company. I worked on the contract basis for HMRC through 3rd party consultancy (fully managed service) company X. My contract has ended 3 months ago. Consultancy Company Y asked me to work for them and the end client is HMRC as well (same location). There is a section in my previous contract with company X saying:

11. Restriction

11.1. Sub Clause 11.2 and 11.3 shall only apply to an agreement with a Service Provider and Consultant(s) who

have opted out of the Regulations.

11.2. The Service Provider and its Directors undertake that they shall not and that they shall procure that the

Consultant(s) shall not enter into any agreement, whether directly or indirectly, to supply services of a similar

nature to the Client or a subsidiary or associated company of the Client or to the Client's clients, other than

through the Company for a period of 12 months following the termination of the Agreement.

11.3. The Service Provider and its Directors hereby acknowledges that the Company expends significant

resources in sourcing and maintaining its clients and is entitled to protect its commercial interests.

11.4. The Service Provider acknowledges that should the Client or a third party to whom it has introduced the

Service Provider wish to utilise the Service Provider's services other than through the Company, then the

Company may be able to charge the Client a fee or agree an extension of the Supply with the Client.

As my contract ended with company X, can I work for company Y for the same end client?

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323rd August 2019 10:07PM

Am I allowed to install white frame double glazed windows and doors if my documents state the following :

Covenants by the Transferee - The third Schedule above referred to :

(6) Not without the prior written approval of the Transferor to make any alteration to the structure or external appearance of the Property ( other than painting of such parts as are normally painted)

or to any drains sewers pipes apparatus or installations which serve the Property in common with any neightbouring or adjoining property.



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423rd August 2019 10:06PM

I received a conviction in 1994 for gross indecency with a man in a public toilet. I am now applying for a private hire licence to do Uber driving in my local area which is Chichester. As the conviction is more than 11 years ago, is my only offence and did not incur a custodial sentence, do I have to declare the conviction although it is spent?

523rd August 2019 10:05PM

How do I go about a letter/document that protects my existing house equity prior to my partner being added to the mortgage?

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623rd August 2019 10:03PM

Hello I travelled last year in October 2018 and paid online for my travel ticket. I got the email confirming that payment gone through and transaction details and also email for the travel itinerary. Just say before yesterday I received email from the same travel company that payment is due as it was not cleared. I checked with my bank today and they said payment was approved from bank but the company after ward cancel it. The company is asking the money now after like 10 months. Where I stand legally with this

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723rd August 2019 10:01PM

Is it unlawful for a gp to issue a death certificate, without contacting coroner, and putting a suspected cause of death? When he had no way of knowing what he died of?

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823rd August 2019 09:59PM

How do you write a TORTS notice?

I need to write a notice for an individual who has left a large amount of personal items in a church hall and after repeated requests to remove them they have refused. I need someone to check the notice I've written is legal.

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923rd August 2019 09:57PM

hi are you there?

Do you do annual subscription legal advice(written advice)?

1023rd August 2019 09:54PM

I let a @friend “ use my very account during Christmas which she then also used to get herself a new phone and mr ex partner a new phone he has paid almost his full balance but she has now started to delay and even stopped paying . She owes over 800 when she originally borrowed it she said it would be paid in 11 weeks this was December it is now August and if she doesn’t pay the remainder by December the 6th there will be an interest charge of almost £500 . I don’t have the funds to cover her side what do I do ? I don’t know her address her ex won’t tell me it but I do know where he kids go to school . We made an agreement and she has now broken that deal I’ve tried giving leniency but now I can’t wait any longer . What do I do and how do I do it without costing me all the money she owes me.

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