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124th June 2019 11:02PM

What rights as a tenant do we have if a property is not liveable and have been given misleading information for repairs to be done and haven’t?

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224th June 2019 08:47PM

I have had my garage and garden flooded caused by a builder using a pump in a storm drain the pump not coping with the amount of water.

There were no contact numbers on the worksite so we had to call the fire service

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324th June 2019 07:58PM

Black horse have me a loan for a static caravan while I was on benefits of 63000 which I can not payable and even though they have the van back gratefully want 27000 should they have given me the loan to start with

424th June 2019 03:15PM

Hi I have a complicated situation regarding a leasehold flat as follows

? There are 4 flats in a Mangement company at 29 Vartry Rd N15 6PR

? Each owner has a share of the freehold

? 3 flats extended their lease with the management company but flat A didn’t and only has 54 years remaining on the lease.

? Flat A is raised ground floor and has been rented out for the last 20 years but not maintained and is in poor condition generally. This has caused water damage to the basement flat below and we have always had a really difficult time trying to get the owners of flat A to pay for repairs or to do any maintenance.

? We had a survey done on flat A and asked them to bring the flat up to a good standard, but the owner Gordon hasn’t got them money to do the renovations.

? Myself Kathy, and the owner of the basement flat John, have written to the Gordon (owner of flat A ) to let him know that he is in breach of his lease and that we can issue a notice to get the repairs done etc.

? John and I have also offered to buy the flat from Gordon to avoid any more legal costs etc.

? Gordon wants to extend his lease and has asked to do this, but we really want to encourage him to sell flat A to us so we don’t have the ongoing problems that e have always had with the poorly maintained flat and bad tenants.

? We need advice as how to proceed ?

? We want keep on good terms and try to buy flat A, but if they are not interested in selling we want to issue a notice as they are in breech of lease. We know they will do the flat up cheaply and we will still have ongoing problems.

? Also once we extend the lease they will just do what they want. In the past they have only responded when we threaten legal action to get things done.

? We feel a full structural survey is needed to check under floors etc for rot as there have been many leaks. Also to estimate costs to bring the flat back up to the required standard.

We need to know our legal position regarding extending the lease ?

Serving a notice and getting repairs done.

Trying to buy the flat between John and myself.

Any other advice you think we need

John and I are directors of the Vartry Rd management company

Please let me know if you need any more information thanks

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524th June 2019 01:49PM

Hi I took a watch to a second hand trade-in shop , they offered me £110 which I accepted , I signed the paperwork and left the shop but 20 minutes later they phoned me to say they had over valued it and I needed to give them £60 back and if I didn't they would contact the police. I have my copy of the paperwork signed by both parties agreeing the price. Can I be prosecuted for refusing to give them money back as they valued the watch and offered me that price?

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624th June 2019 12:36PM


I want to apply my child first British passport form my back home country, As my spouse born there, Can i apply from UK or from my back home

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724th June 2019 12:28PM

Hi, I was at Royal Ascot on Saturday, when a "freak accident" (the words of Ascot themselves) happened, causing a large glass door to shatter. A large shard of glass has taken a chunk out of my finger, cutting the tendons and nerves in the process - they have admitted it shouldn't have happened and have asked me what I would like as compensation. Would I have a case legally to take this further? Thanks, Harry

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824th June 2019 11:44AM

Hi we are buying a property and our solicitor is refusing to speak to us what do we do

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924th June 2019 10:51AM

hi i am curretnly faced with a wrongful dismissal , where by the contract may state this These disciplinary procedures apply to any misconduct or failure to meet standards of performance or attendance. The procedure is referred to in your Particulars of Employment but is not contractual, is the employer still within breach if it may state that it is non contractual

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1024th June 2019 10:48AM


Last year I made an agreement with a classmate after finishing university to rent a room off him. The agreement was for 5 hours per week room hire, a profile on his website with a link to my facebook page and my contact info. No contract was signed only an agreement by text. All he actually gave me of the agreement was 1 hour per week for 8 weeks and gave my key to someone else without notice. I shared my availability and straight after he sent a group chat telling people he was fully booked for the exact times i was available but there were openings when he knew i had work or university making it impossible for me to book any agreed room time. He hasn't spoken to me since i made payment for the 8 hours i used and has suddenly contacted me. Where do i stand legally if i didn't receive what was agreed.

Thank you

Uk based

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