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1 12th December 2018 09:48PM

My baby dad has broken the court order what can I do

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2 12th December 2018 07:02PM

This is a matter that has been going on for some time. My mother created a Deed of Gift which she & I signed & was witnessed in November 2013. My sister who has always bullied me is co-attorney on the Enduring Power of Attorney which was registered in March 2016. My sister reported me to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) – they conducted an investigation and found I’d done nothing wrong. In their conclusion however they indicated that I MUST refer the matter of the Deed of Gift to the Court of Protection (CoP). I don’t now believe this is correct hence I’m seeking advice.

I have documentary evidence that my mother did have mental capacity in 2013 as she did not see her doctor that year. In 2014, my mother underwent a mental health test and again in 2015, the results of BOTH of these tests gave mother a scoring indicative that she did NOT at that point lack capacity. Additionally I recently contacted Social Services to see if anybody had raised any concerns about my mother between 2012 and 2014, they wrote back to me and confirmed that the first record they had of my mother was in 2017. Also, my mother’s income, along with an annuity purchased for the purpose are together more than sufficient to cover her care costs with headroom for cost increases.

The OPG have ruled that the CoP have to determine the validity of the deed of gift and give me approval to keep the proceeds of the sale of my mother’s property. The witness to mother’s and my signatures on the Deed of Gift (DoG) has completed a questionnaire that was compiled jointly by my and my sister’s solicitors. Surely this proves the validity of the Deed of Gift whilst the paperwork from my mother’s doctors and the clinic she attended in 2014 – 2015 proves that she had capacity in 2013?

MY sister is using every trick in the book & more to delay this whole process as she does not want me to have the money. I am a diagnosed autistic and she is well aware of my vulnerability and she wants to burn me out. The CoP could take 6 months or more to rule on this – do I REALLY have to wait that long or has the OPG made a mistake and are in fact able to be satisfied themselves from my documentation that I am indeed entitled to take up the gift of the property from my mother? I am desperate as I am now in debt over this and my mental & physical health will suffer as well – I had a stroke in 2012 and hence am more likely to have another stress-induced stroke. I attach the letter from the OPG concluding the investigation. Many thanks for your help on this David

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3 11th December 2018 05:32PM

I live above a Tesco and one of their delivery lorries has turned around in the car park and pushed my car 2 metres into a fence and crushing it. I’ve tried sorting it without insurances as that’s what they wanted but it’s becoming a pain, my car hasn’t got a MOT but my insurance company has said it’s still covered. Tesco’s risk assessment for lorrys says no lorry over 8m should be in the car park yet the lorry that hit my car was 14metres, and other things on the risk assessment wasn’t followed. They’ve offered me 2.5k to sort my car which I don’t think will cover it as I don’t know the extent of the damage as the chassis could be bent etc. Where do I stand with this it’s caused me nothing but stress and I’m now losing money as I can’t get to work some days I’m ok when my misses isn’t working as she can take me.

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4 11th December 2018 02:47PM

My landlord is hasseling me to pay an overdraft on his account

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5 11th December 2018 11:56AM

Divorced 3 years ago clean break but put a clause of nominal maintenance in respect of my daughter, then aged 17. She will be 20 soon and not in “higher education”.

My ex now claims I should be helping fund her...??

She is disabled but is in a sheltered housing situation funded by local authority. Receives benefits etc. Ex claims it’s not enough....

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6 11th December 2018 07:50AM

Tell me, please, is it possible to file for divorce if one of the spouses hid from the other incurable disease? And in this case, can the husband file for divorce if the wife is pregnant or he need to wait for the birth of a child? Thanks.

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7 10th December 2018 10:23PM

I need to go for a police interview due to my dna coming up in a crime? What should I do ?

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8 10th December 2018 02:41PM

I got a summons notice that I am not aware of and my D.O.B is incorrect

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9 10th December 2018 11:34AM

Dear Sir/Madame, I have signed a consultant contract (service agreement) with the company in the UK (under the laws of England) to deliver professional services (principally in Beijing). the contract clearly says that the company shall provide all necessary means, resources for me to provide the services. In order to do so, I have to have a business or work visa in China, complying with the local law. for 6 months now, ive been residing on a spouse visa and the company has providing me with incorrect information for month now, and try to force me to sign illegal documents in order to get the necessary permit. Im considering declaring breach of contract and not performing the services any longer. I would like to form a compensation claim. (the situation has caused me countless hours of legal research, lawyers fees, getting documents unnecessarily etc.). What is the best way to form such a compensation and what can I realistically claim? thank you for your support in advance.

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10 9th December 2018 01:39PM

I've been married for 19 years and my husband wants a divorce. The house was brought in his name when we moved from my council flat because my credit was bad. He has always paid the mortgage and me all the bills. Can I make him sell so I can get a place of my own?

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