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1 23rd April 2019 02:39PM

Hi all,

My Wife and I have an ongoing issue with the events management company who did our wedding and reception on August 12th 2017 and a venue.

We address all issues directly after the wedding and it has been over a year now with no fault accepted from them neither a suitable/satisfactory compensation provided.

Only today 23.04.2019 a without prejudice settlement has been provided to us to sign however, we are not happy with this and they are not accepting fault for anything.

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2 23rd April 2019 01:14PM

We traded in 2 cars and bought 2 brand new cars, picked new cars up and signed for these on Friday on HP, now Citreon have came back to sat the finance company will only finance one car and we have to hand the other back, can you help?

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3 23rd April 2019 12:32PM

I have been separated for 5 years bought my own home and I'm in receipt of spousal maintenance, I'm concern about my future as I'm now 50 and should I divorce or carry on as things are ok as they are. He is currently living with someone else

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4 23rd April 2019 12:30PM

Hi my name is Aaron

I am going to court in roughly a weeks time for contact order

I was seeing my children on a regular basis but the day before my ex-partner phoned me I said I will not be seeing them because they have stolen from her so I was scared and upset so I went to the school to check on them

Then after that point she said I could not see them because her solicitor has advised her to do so what reason would a solicitor advise this

When previous to this she says I need to hurry up and do something and take the children and I have done nothing wrong towards my children

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5 23rd April 2019 12:18PM

We have a house deed in My dad's (Passed away)Mum's and my name. We want to pass this to my sister and brother who look after my mum. What is the best way to go about it.

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6 23rd April 2019 08:38AM

I am an 18 year old boy who lives in the UK. I am currently talking with a girl who is 16 years old. If we were to enter a relationship and the relationship became intimate, would this be legal?

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7 23rd April 2019 08:37AM

I suffered a blow in alibaba I want to process the site

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8 23rd April 2019 08:33AM

Morning, a friend of mine has received a letter, rather threatening one from a firm of solicitors demanding 80,000 from the sale of a house in which he was living and has been sold prior to the lady he was with being made bankrupt, the house was in her name, he paid mortgage and put 60,000 intothe house, he.has a copy of the contract/agreement between them, that if the house was sold he would get the profit and his money back, which happened, now this firm are threatening all sorts

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9 23rd April 2019 08:27AM

My ex and I were in court in January over child arrangements where we tied everything up into an order with a parenting agreement. Throughout the process my ex wanted me to have the children one night a week and I wanted equal shared care. Both cafcass, social care and myself wanted this. The judge ordered that I would have them 6 nights in a fortnight and my ex to have them 8 nights in a fortnight.

This decision was made as my ex said the children would be unsettled if they were to see her less (even though she's never around). There was never any mention of child maintenance and when we were both asked by court and social care if there were any financial difficulties we both said no. I have always had a family based child maintenance arrangement with my ex where I pay her half towards items such as private childcare, school uniform, passports, etc This has never been an issue.

She has recently sent me three emails claiming she wants myself to pay money into her household. She claims it is a struggle for her financially to support the children. She then changes her mind and states the money would be for me to pay her legal bills and personal debt. The last email we had she said she wanted money to pay for the items I already pay for.

Would there be grounds to apply to the court for a variation to the order, to allow me to have one extra night with the children based on the following:

- The children go 6 nights each fortnight without seeing me and are unsettled by this. By allowing me the extra night it would shorten the time the go without seeing me.

-Social care believed are time with the children should be equal based upon their needs but to also allow both parents to be on an equal footing, from my ex's actions she still feels she is a superior parent and is ignoring the wants and needs of the children.

- She states by having them the extra night she is financially struggling (even though she is on a high income salary) therefore surely myself having the children in my care that extra night and still contributing to children essentials would alleviate her of this 'financial struggle'?

- She states that myself paying for these items causes conflict so she would prefer the money. Again our whole court proceedings were based around what causes conflict between us and how to move forward. Our child maintenance arrangement or the apparent 'conflict' around it was never mentioned in court. My ex and I cannot agree on anything so surely the perfect time to resolve these issues would've been then in a mutual amicable setting.

I am happy to support my children financially in the way I always have since our separation, this is what we agreed on. I worry that now she has been deceitful and misled the court in order to use the system to get money from myself to pay her legal bills and personal debt (which she has admitted to). Surely this may have impacted the judges decision in January.

The judge also said that when the children are in our care it is the parents decision as to who the children spend time with. However as she fought so hard for the extra night, and her mother actually has the children until around 6-8pm. Again surely wouldn't a judge reconsider myself having this extra night as my ex is not even benefiting from it?


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10 22nd April 2019 06:35PM

If no contract can an employer take you bar Manager job off you, take 20 hours away and give to someone else cause they can’t afford me

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