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1 18th October 2018 09:48PM

i got stopped police as i overtook someone at a high speed after there police checked my insurance and driving license and he let me go he said drive home safely, he didnt give me any slip and its been more than 20 days would this go in my criminal record.


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2 18th October 2018 07:28PM

Council drain blocked in road and our gravel driveway flooded. Asked them to reinstate as it was. They offered to rake over and add 1 tonne gravel but all the hardcore has come through.

They now claim drive is not built to standard it should be, however exactly the same as our previous property (4 doors away) which has had no problem.

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3 18th October 2018 06:33PM

So my husband after 3 + years of dedication and loyalty has accepted a job offer from a different company. He is currently work his motive am due to start November with his new employer.

His current contact for the last three years states he is contracted to 40 hrs a week. He has always only ever done 50-60 hrs the past 3+ years.

When taking annual leave he has only ever been paid his contacted hours of 40. Bringing home a lesser household income with each holiday he takes to spend time with his family.

His boss sent a colleague of his a text message. ( Not to my husband! )

The colleague showed my husband the message which I believe to be absolutely awful!

They do not want my husband to leave as he is the “go to guy” but because he wants to do less hours to spend time with his family and get more pay with a new company which his current employer cannot offer they are.... well not presenting themselves in a good light at all.

The message reads;

“Fucking (name) he hasn’t thought out leaving. He will owe us 8 days holiday £776!!!! He’ll have to live off Baked beans!! (????????) laughing emoji and monkey giggling. “

Any advise on how to approach this please. We have 5 Children and for them to take this amount from his final pay would leave I in financial hardship.

Many thanks


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4 18th October 2018 05:22PM

Is RPI applicable to non UK residents?

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5 18th October 2018 12:35PM

We started working with a storage company and credited our account with the initial balance they requested. We had not yet sent our inventory to their warehouse. We then gave the company some tips on how to manage their website as it was a bit buggy and they then offered us 6 weeks of FREE Storage starting 1 October. So with that email , we sent in a big shipment which cost us quite a bit.

When our Shipment arrived, we noticed that not all the units shipped were reported in their system and we were adamant that there was inventory missing. When we explained to them that we had documentation proving how much inventory was shipped they began running around and updated the 2nd time with still incorrect figures, the 3rd time they updated us they reported that there was more inventory than what we had said was arriving and that the information was incorrect.

We went back and forth and then today we received an email from the Company claiming they have decided they do not store liquids anymore and have requested we remove our inventory from their warehouse.

We only sent our inventory based on their offer. Can we sue?

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6 18th October 2018 12:33PM

I am a wife of a Sudanese refugee (Parti). I came to the UK to join my hasband.

Ihave been living in the UK for 4 years and I have indefinite leave to remain now.

When I was in Sudan we suffered from worse tribal conflict and genocide and they could have killed us like other families and villages unless if we hide or move.

As a result we had to move from village to another and change our identities: names dates and places of birthes.I lived there and I moved to the UK with the same name.

I would like to ask if I can get my original name and date of birth back,taking in mind that I have my original birth certificate.

Please let me know if I need to pay fees for your advice.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely


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7 18th October 2018 12:28PM

Hi my names Mohammed Idris, I really need legal help. It’s to do with employment, I worked for three weeks, 2 weeks of training and 1 week of work. The employer is refusing to pay me the 2 weeks training as I have done over 50hrs a week. I really need help

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8 18th October 2018 12:21PM

hi, I need some help around a possible divorce and equity in my house?

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9 18th October 2018 12:20PM

I have a contract for a £20,000 loan dating back to 2006. It was personally guaranteed by the person I loaned the money to. I have received no payments from this person, do I have any grounds for claiming the money back.


Mark Grimshaw


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10 18th October 2018 12:19PM

we are a ventilation company, we are being charged for making good on the completion of a job, this is excluded in our terms and condition, we did not receive an official order for the job but the company are saying we agreed to them and that they were posted to us, we did not get them, they said they were posted to us the day after the job was complete, they have deducted £950 from our payment which should have been 1700 and said they may charge us more. I want to take them to the claims court but do not know if we would be favoured, please advise thanks julie crawford

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