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My son Louis started at a boarding school in Jan 2

Posted: 4th October 2018 @ 11:58am

My son Louis started at a boarding school in Jan 2018 as a Year 8 pupil

Within just a couple of weeks of starting 2 of our businesses that we were working as affiliates for closed down (causing all of our income that we had been reliant on to completely cease)

In April 2018 I contacted the school to discuss options as we were unable to pay any further fees

I discussed with the Headmaster the options who said they would be flexible to allow Louis to at least complete the remaining school year and then we could reassess our financial situation for Year 9

We agreed a 2 month payment holiday to be reviewed in June (this was for the outstanding fees, plus £2400 outstanding of a £3600 non refundable deposit should he not stay as a boarder until the end of Year 11)

Due to the delays in the sale of the house we were unable to make payments in June/July and said we would make payment for the outstanding fees once the house sale completed

Our intention in selling the house was to relocate down South (where Louis' school was based) in order to see him more frequently during term time

At the end of August, due to the delays (and what we thought was the buyer pulling out of the house sale), and no means to pay any further fees, we felt we had no choice but to look at free school options in the North East

We secured a place for Louis in a school near our house in the North East and advised the school Louis would not be returning

When our buyer then decided to proceed with the house sale, with everything in place to now stay in the North East, we decided to continue with this path... had I been aware we would have to pay a term's fees regardless, we would likely have continued with our plans to move down South

Upon completion of the house sale I have paid the outstanding fees for the 2017-2018 school year

The school have offered to reduce the outstanding deposit of £2400 to £1500

The school have still insisted on a full terms fees in addition as notice (a further £3850 and an increase of £500 on what I paid in the academic year 2017-2018)

I appreciate we did not give the school much notice (due to circumstances outside our control), however I had been led to believe they would be flexible given the situation

They have plenty of places in Louis' year, so have not lost revenue by turning another potential student down

Had I been aware that I would have to pay the fees, Louis could have attended for another term, and we could have relocated as intended

With this is mind I would appreciate some advice on whether we are liable to pay for a full terms fees (at the increased rate, of which I have had no notice) as well as the deposit?

I have already tried the following:


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Posted: 4th October 2018 @ 11:58am

i can advise you on your rights and the options to deal with this but we do not provide a free service 

Reply by: David Law (Flintshire)

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