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1 22nd April 2019 05:54PM

My Mother has died and left her property to myself 35%, my sister 35% and 30% to my sisters children. The property is currently being sold and my sister has appointed solicitors as executives. My sister is now trying to devalue property by creating a boundary dispute causing potential buyers to make low offers with the intention of selling the property below value to one of my sisters children. This seems fraudulent, what can I do to prevent me being defrauded from my percentage of the true property value? Thank you for helping.

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2 22nd April 2019 05:52PM

As a Father with parental responsibility, can I legally not return my children to their Mother as she refuses to meet me half way to collect them? They have school tomorrow close to their home but she is pressing me to drive them all the way back to her property rather than doing half the journey.

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3 21st April 2019 08:09PM

Hi, my son has turned 16 I have not been able to see him since age 3. He was born 23/3/03 before parental responsibility law was passed. I have tried to get in contact to no avail his mother changed his name. He has had contact with my family since birth. He has reached out and we have met, and been talking for about a month. He has not told his mother. I don't want him to get into trouble. There is no court order preventing me from seeing and never has been but there is no court order allowing me access. Seems tho we have already made contact and I wish to see him and the feeling is mutual for him how do I persue?

Regards George csepcsanyi

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4 21st April 2019 08:26AM

Hello, I live in Melbourne but I thought it may be a similar law here or you may know just the general idea of it. If a parent has an intervention order over the other parent and has to give permission for when to see the child (under 18) there any further duty of care needed since there is an intervention and if that parent has the permission to take the child overseas and breaches it (leaves them / no way of getting to the airport and refuses to give money) what can be of this?

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5 20th April 2019 05:19PM


A family member is going into a care home & is going down the route of Mandatory property disregard, and another family member is planning to move into the property.

My question is is when the funds fees run out, will he automatically be evicted/ made homeless?

Many thanks


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6 20th April 2019 04:10PM

Can someone reclaim waived debts

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7 20th April 2019 04:08PM

Hi my dad passed in January leaving a property worth £90.000 with £45.000 left on it. There is a will that I'm a executor off stating money from estate is to be split between his grandchildren at age of 16. Could I purchase the house for £45.000 mortage and pay off the kids as they turn 16?

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8 20th April 2019 04:04PM

My late partner died 8 years ago

I’m the executor of his will

I have a trust fund to give to his son when he turn ms 21

He’s now 18 and emailing me to ask about his late dads car and number plates and a kart engine that his claiming was his?

My partner gave me his car and transferred it into my name before he died and I sold it when he passed away.

My partner told me to give the kart engine away.

His son is claiming I’m a liar and that the kart engine was worth thousands and therefore both the car and kart engine funds should be added to his trust fund and he’s seeking advice to sort this out

Please advise me what to do

Thank you

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9 20th April 2019 09:27AM

Hello, I have a problem with PayPal. As I recently used PayPal to play on BetVictor. I won money £900 and PayPal blocked my account and founds for 180days as this transaction was suspicious to them. I asked BetVictor to confirm that money which they sent me are mine and there will be no future chargebacks. Is this is legal that they going to hold my money for 6 months? They sent me user agreement and there is clay sure that if they expect any climes or chargebacks for this sume of money they can hold it, but I have confirmation that from company who sent me money that there wont be any situation like this in the future.

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10 20th April 2019 09:26AM

We have a derelict building on land next to our home which we are trying to sell.

The potential buyers are having difficulty attaining a mortgage due to a surveyor report stating the derelict building has risk to collapse causing damage to our property.

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