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121st July 2019 09:16PM

I was hit by a car whilst I was on my bicycle, but I didn’t have a front brake, do I still have a claim?

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221st July 2019 05:29PM

I have had a letter regarding infringing copyright, their solicitor has asked me to make an undertaking to do and not do various things (return masters, give details of all customers that have bought offending object, pay clients costs) by 24th, are they just asking for a letter stating my intentions by the 24th or for me to carry out all requests by the 24th?

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320th July 2019 08:46AM

I had a endowment mortgage with alliance and Leicester and have been left with a shortfall, the mortgage came to an end last year and they are still taking the same monthly amount but wanting me to switch to a new mortgage. When me and my son went onto the mortgage 10years ago they failed to put him on and left it with me and my exhusbands now and also forgot to put any charges onto the land registry, they want to offer me 200 pounds compensation which I think is unfair, I'm 60 and say I can have a new mortgage for 15 years or that I should use my private pension to pay off some of the remaining balance , could I have a case against them ?

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420th July 2019 08:28AM

I have worked in my job for over 10 years in finance. Last year they brought in another finance manager and gave them half of my job. I was only informed of this 3 days before it happened. Last week I was told we have someone else joining finance and have found out that they intent to take other part of my job and move it to this person. They are leaving the mundane work for me to do. Nether of these jobs where advertised internally and both time they never discussed any of this with me , they just go ahead and employed people. I used to love going to work every day but the last year has been a total nightmare and has me totally depressed

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520th July 2019 08:26AM

A friend who is separated from her husband. They live apart mondat to Friday is having to move out every other weekend so he can see his children (he has unsuitable accommodation 4 hours away,). She feels she has no choice but feels uncomfortable with him in her 'home' although they jointly own the house. Does she have to let him stay?

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620th July 2019 03:02AM

Im want to call my spouse over. Im doing two jobs. One job has been two months. The other jus started, do i need both jobs wage slip for 6 month or can i gv one jobs six months And the other jobs 3 months wage slip

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720th July 2019 02:59AM

Hi, the short story is.. i was given a courtesy car by a used car dealer but it had a heavily blowing exhaust and was a very very small car when we have a big estate car. Anyway i said we really didnt want to take it as it sounded un roadworthy, he assured us it had just been MOT'd but we refused as we were traveling to cornwall on holiday. He then (some hours later) told us to come and collect a car more suited to our needs. It was a good car, i asked the dealer how the insurance worked and he said it would be all taken care of through my own insurance and not to worry. Today we were in an accident and ive been told i'm not covered to drive any vehicle other than my own and so i dont know what to do. The guy who hit me wants my insurance details but i dont know if i need to give the courtesy car guys insurance details which i dont have or what? To top it all the guy who hit me is trying to say its my fault although i was stationery and he came from behind me on a stationery round about from behind and hit my front wing. I have photos and it is clear to see the guy was going fast while i was stopped. But this is all irrelevant if i wasnt insured in the first place?! As far as i was told it was a courtesy car and everything was free of charge and taken care of. The guy who hit me also told me the reason he was coming round so fast is cause someone just cut him up which sent him off track. He was an old gent with hearing aids but i dont know if that has any relevance. We exchanged details and i took photos of the round a bout which was a 5 lane junction and the damage to the 2 cars, the one i was driving and the one who hit me. My partner and her parents were also driving behind me and my 2 sons were in my car (the courtesy car). He had himself and his wife with him. My main thing here is i beleive i was given a courtesy car initialy that was unroadworthy (we have video of that) and then one which was potentially uninsured? I signed a book for the courtesy car.

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820th July 2019 02:58AM

I have recently commissioned a loft extension with some additional work which was included in the contract and some additions which were requested before the building notice was submitted. however, the builder has never included this work in. He just submitted the development of the loft but didn't include the chimney breast removal or the roof over the toilet adjacent to the kitchen, which was stipulated in the contract. The building control insist they are responsible to inspect only what is submitted. The structural engineer hired by the contractor submitted these works on the certificate of lawful development. Is the duty of the contractor to also submit this? Does he have an obligation to include on a building notice all the work that he is carrying out.

919th July 2019 08:20PM

I was involved in a man RTA whilst at work in a company vehicle. The other party has been effectively blackmailing me for money. During the incident I was assaulted by a member of the public. My employer has not followed procedure to discipline me. Also it’s now come through to me that this has been made public and posted on Twitter by the member of the public that assaulted me. I work for hugely prolific company. I have been taken off duty and redeployed to another section which is highly distressing for me. I wish to receive advise and or representation if needed.

Erica Jones

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1019th July 2019 08:08PM

Are you able to do a court order and preparation for visitation rights on my son , via phone calls and or / video calls.

Have just started a new job and cannot take time out of work but the ex has now removed my right of access to him and as i moved 250 miles away it is not possible to just pop round.


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