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1 3rd December 2018 04:49PM

i paid 10.000 pounds to my supplier in wales to supply me with 2nd hand engines . he didn't supply me with the goods nor refund me the money

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2 3rd December 2018 12:50PM

Hello. I was asking for 6 monts tanency agreement for renting the house. They give me tenants holding deposit for 12 Mont with a break clause at 6 months, whitch i signed.

On the final tanency agreement they didn't mention 6 month break clause which i didn't notice and singed.

Later I notice the mistake but they refuse to correct the mistake.

Do i have any right to change this mistake?

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3 3rd December 2018 12:14PM

I was prescribed a medication online from a reputable organisation, but I had an adverse reaction and they don't want me to refund for the prescription. Is there anything I can do?

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4 3rd December 2018 10:12AM

The guy who lives above us owns the building and both the flats above and below us. But not our actual flat. Should he still have a key to our flat?

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5 3rd December 2018 08:34AM


For example, if a document is signed in the following way is the director liable:

This agreement made on the date below is between:

Cheryl Gallagher of Company X and Third Party.

On receipt of the investment Company X and Third Party will enter into an agreement for X,Y,Z.

Signed: Cheryl Gallagher

Signed: Third Party

I would really appreciate your advice on this.

Many thanks

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6 2nd December 2018 08:41PM

If I was to provide you with 25 pages of a judges directors to a jury in relation to a criminal trial could you provide points of errors with respect to the law

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7 2nd December 2018 06:25PM

If the father of the brides signature was forged on the marriage certificate, is it legal?

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8 2nd December 2018 02:46PM

What happens if the executor doesn't inform the beneficiary (let's say family hates beneficiary)? Is there a way to find out if someone has passed away?

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9 1st December 2018 07:00PM

Hi, My employer asked me to sign a piece of paper, sometime ago. I have just found out he has made me lease holder to a section of the property... A Clear business account (Energy Supplier) has also been opened under my name (which I was never apart of) I'm really upset about this and don't know my legal rights. I haven't approached my employer bout this yet aswell. Please help.

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10 1st December 2018 06:23PM

Hi I am on the sex offenders register in the UK I served 9 months but was given two 18 months to run conncurrent for the offence and wa told I would be on the register for 10 years I have completed my license and been out for nearly 3 years I was never put on any courses or have any special requirements am I able to apply to come off sooner then 10 years I have a clean bail record and prison record did above and beyond what I was told

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