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113th January 2018 05:43PM

hi i paid a car dealer £300.00on one day the following day i asked if i could have the deposit back they said no i contacted a company called and paid them £25.00 to help out i went through the procedure online concerning the complaint and ticked a box stating i would supply the defendant additional information which i should not of ticked i contacted money claim about this they told me to send the defendant an email stating i would no longer send them additional information and also send money claim a form stating called certificate of service but the form they sent me is so complicated i am very confused can you help me thank you mr granger.

213th January 2018 10:07AM

I bought privately car on 22nd December 2017, drove it 4-5 times, didn't do even 50 miles as was waiting to do service first to make sure that everything is good. Week ago car stopped working, had to call 2 times for AA. 2nd time they couldn't jump start it and took it on car carrier to mechanic where next day they found out that there was 6 litres too much oil in engine and engine is sized. Car doesn't work, need a new engine. Seller doesn't reply for messages and calls. Is there anything I can do to get my money back or at least some cost of fixing it?

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313th January 2018 09:46AM

Over xmas I went to a friends for an xmas party with the kiddies! Felt ok when I left but the fresh hit me a bit and I felt a bit wobbly. I had my 2 year old in pram and was holding my daughters hand. I was nearly home and a member of the public approached me and offered to help me with the pr as she said I was struggling,, she then called the police and said I was drunk, had a voluntary interview next day and thu said I could be charged with neglect

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413th January 2018 09:35AM

Husband and I have seperated. We have 2 children and a house with a mortgage. What are my rights financially?

512th January 2018 10:20PM


My partner and I got a mortgage in principle. We're g on buying a property. He told me he wants to have the property in his name only, because he is paying whole deposit by himself.

Do I still have some rights to that property if I only am as a joint partner on the mortgage?

Thank you


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612th January 2018 08:43PM

Hi. I recently left my company. I had few vested stock option. After I left the company I've received letter stating that I have 30 days to exercise my stock. I tried to do that on the 28 day but unfortunately due to trading hours I couldn't do that. Can company do something with that as the letter was misleading?

Thanks for your advice.

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712th January 2018 08:06PM

I would like to know if a payment agreement between private citizens made through chat (messenger of fb) has a legal value

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812th January 2018 08:05PM

When leaving a wedding band can the band reclaim assets with no contract. The band is not a legal entity and issue is on the back of unfair dismissal.

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912th January 2018 07:48PM

Our managing agent is needing to change the wording on our lease agreement. I own the leasehold property. They have given us 3 proposals to chose from but I am unsure as to the exact meaning of each and do not want to commit to something to that in the long term might work against me. This has been going on for a few years now. It has been to court a few times already but the judge keeps throwing the case out. Do you only offer advise or will you look at the documents? This is rather urgent now.

Thank you.

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1012th January 2018 04:49PM

I would like to get some advice please I feel my son is getting mentally abused by his mother she is brain washing him and putting him at risk by having him in the boot of her car with no seat belt driving round and shouting in his face threatening him saying if he stays at my mums he won't come to mine again I have him every 2weeks for the weekend it has been going threw court for years and it's not at court anymore his mum had the kids took off her years ago and she got them back just over a year ago and she is playing God with him we both got P.R but he lives at her house and I feel she is messing with his head and he has been threw enuff could you help please.


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