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1 22nd September 2017 08:55PM

Can an employer deny you a job based on a DBS check

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2 22nd September 2017 08:54PM

Hi , I’m an Italian passport holder, full time student and been living in the uk for the past 5 years!

I got married with a Pakistani citizen who it currently living there .

What would be the best way to apply for his visa to come in the U.K? I ve heard about this EEA family permit , but I don’t know whether this is a good option or not because I don’t work !

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3 22nd September 2017 08:51PM

I got question about false claim against me and need to know if it is statute-barred or not as claimant has taken me into court

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4 22nd September 2017 08:49PM

My late mother left a Will bequeathing everything she had to my younger sister and myself. At the time of her death I was living in France (together my husband) and it was agreed with my sister at the time of our Mother's funeral that I would return in one month's time to clear the house and decide upon who of us was to have what. The reason for this delay was because my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and we had to return to France in order that he could have surgery and begin his chemotherapy. I returned, as arranged, one month later to find that all of our family photographs, documents and other personal family stuff had been removed by my sister and taken to her house as well as certain books and other things of sentimental attachment to me. In particular there was an important collection of photographs in a large album which my mother had put together over a long period of time relating to our village and this had also been taken away by my sister without my prior agreement or consent. I didn't challenge this at the time believing that should I ever request to have use of any of the family stuff removed, my request would be granted....and in any case, I was not in any emotional state to do battle over the issue at that time. Losing my mother and having my husband (who, by the way was a solicitor) diagnosed with terminal cancer didn't leave me with much of a will for a fight! Nine years later, I now find I have a great need to have the use of this village pictorial history for it's use in the production of a book. For reasons unknown to me, my relationship with my sister appears to have broken down and she is refusing to allow me to borrow the photo collection. I believe that I have every legal right to be allowed possession of this photo collection, even if just for a short time. Am I correct in my assumption and how do I go about pursuing my rights in this matter? Your help and guidance would be very much appreciated.

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5 22nd September 2017 08:46PM

I am on long term sick and bring pressured by one of the directors to resign. The first phone call she guilt tripped me saying she needs me to resign because she is not allowed to hire anyone and the team needed someone. She admitted she shouldn't be calling. The second phone call I rang her because she made me feel so bad and said she would have my resignation next week. She works really closely with my dad and in a round about way I was to tell my dad I hadn't been pressured. Can you please advise if I have any rights

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6 22nd September 2017 08:41PM

Help to select the correct deed poll for name change. I have been advised to download a free unenforceable deed poll template form he internet, but there are deed poll types and I need help in selecting the right one.

Many Thanks


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7 22nd September 2017 08:39PM

In 6 August 2015 I had a District Judge order from Willesden C.C that I appealed against on 5 October 2015 . In the order in 6 th January 2016 the permission for appeal was refused but I was entitled for an oral hearing before Circuit Judge at the Central London C. C. Up to today the oral hearing did not take place, instead of it the Central London C.C. transferred the case to the Willesden C. C. The Willesden C. C. transferred the case to the Thanet C.C., the Thanet C.C. transferred the case to the Brighton C.C., the Brighton C.C. transferred back to Thanet C.C. The Thanet C.C. set a court date for 26 May 2017, which was cancelled by email less than 18 hours before the hearing. The case was sent to the Canterbury C.C where they hold a hearing today and dismissed the case.

My question is could they continue or hold a hearing without closing the appeal process? If they would not have hold a hearing, so which act, rule or paragraph the court violated?

I have an order dated 20 January 2016, where the trial was adjourned pending the outcome of the appeal.

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8 22nd September 2017 08:36PM

What are my options with personal injury compensation when on benefits I have been awarded £22000 I am a single mum unemployed I would like to buy a car with the money am I allowed to spend it how I want?

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9 15th September 2017 03:15PM

15th Sep. How Expert Answers Works ?

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10 12th September 2017 08:48AM

1:15 PM, testing for color change red to green.

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