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15th October 2017 09:36PM

I've signed contracts using my ex partners name in error, recieved money and used it before I realised. What can I do to fix this?

25th October 2017 09:34PM

I am owed £600 by an online furniture company who have now closed their business (sole trader). I haven't received either the goods or my money back. I have the owner's contact and address details. How can I best proceed with reclaiming my money? I have sent many emails trying to sort this out and have even offered a payment plan but this has been ignored.

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35th October 2017 09:32PM

My son leased a cafe which closed in April due debts. That has been sorted but he had to go down the IVA route.

The problem is that the equipment and fixtures that my son had in the cafe belong to him. The owner has re-let the property including my son's equipment to a new leasee which has been included in the rent which would total to £2000 per month for the new leader. My son only paid £650 a month when he leased the property. The owner is also getting a portion of money from the insolvency people as my son owed him £6500 which is part of the IVA.

We have tried to speak with the owner and his agent without much success.

Where does my son stand legally. At the stage my son would find it difficult to get credit so there is no way he could afford a solicitor.

I await your response in due course.

Adella Downer

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45th October 2017 09:29PM

can a council act as a enforcement agent

55th October 2017 09:26PM

Hi,i have a disabled daughter who has careers come into our house and look after her and the hours are between 8.00am to 4.00pm then from 10.00pm to 8am,we have been allocated these hours and we aren't reciveing the company is now lying about staff not coming to our they are making false allocations which we have proof they are false and we have been waiting 2 years for cover staff and we haven't received any and we haven't received these hours and now we haven't got careers till next week.

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65th October 2017 09:24PM


My Partner Recently had a Restraining Order against me dropped and we have since reconciled.

She has two children with her ex partner and he filed for an emergency court order which was revoked after 5 days.

Since then, he has had both myself and my partner followed and the neighbour has been taking videos and pictures of us and sending them to him.

I have no contact with the children at present and not breeching any order.

I fear for my safety and was wondering if i am able to take out a Restraining Order?

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75th October 2017 09:21PM

My solicitors have just sent me a e-mail with an invoice of £1800, so that they can instruct an expert to help my case.

Only thing is, they told me that my already paid second payment covers all work up to the court date in January.

Is this fair/legal?

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85th October 2017 09:17PM

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to ask some advice on "right of way". I bought a cottage last year. In order to access my front door, I have to walk through the court yard which is owned by one of the neighbours. He bought the court yard over another neighbour recently. I have been using the court yard to gain the entry to my front door over a year. Now the new owner of the court yard told me I do not have right to access the court yard, and I have to use a side door to access my property. The side door leads to one of my bedrooms. The person sold me the house had been using the court yard while they stayed in the property for over three years. Also I have a small garden at my front door. I would be grateful if you could advise if I have right to use the court yard?Nothing is mentioned in my title deed.Many thanks for your time.

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95th October 2017 09:14PM

I work at polish grocery shop since nov 2016, i work on avarage 50hpw but i have no written contract , we have no brake even when on 10h shift, we are forced to work on our days off, i been fired on staff meeting because i posted post on fb during working hours ( we have no policy of not using mobile phones) and than co workers stand up for me as im a good worker so boss changed her mind ( it was embarrasing as she did it in front everyone) but worst is that my ex partner is a motor of everything as he is our bosses "informer" he tries to make sure i will lost my job as i have no intention to be with relationship with him. As others standed up for me he had to say something to our boss as now she treaten everyone will be fired from day to day without notice. She see us as " gang" but can not see true colors of my ex, i feel bad that my personal life influenced on others possibility of loosing job. I dont feel it is right, starting with whole work procedures fi ishing on favorization of my ex and mobbing me and co workers by our boss.

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1030th September 2017 07:33PM

I was assaulted for no reason in an unprovoked attack on myself and my partner by another male. On the night I acted in defence of the two of us.

The police arrested the male on the night but after interviewing myself charged me with assault.

They provided cctv which started part way through the incident showed me striking the out of control male in self defence. The interviewing police officers were trying to make out I was attacking him.

The officers also claimed there was no cctv to show the beginning of the events, the city watch camera which the footage I seen belonged to swung around to capture the events leading me to figure there could of been another camera that had captured the whole thing. There would of been no time at this point for the police to of been called and city watch notified that way.

I was later charged by post with assault by beating and ended up in court. I defended myself due to not being able to afford representation.

I was found not guilty on my day in court which was absolutely correct.

Now even to any layman this would make the other male a guilty party. Nothing is being done about this. It is ridiculous. I was injured on the night, receiving permanent damage to my face from the out of control male striking me initially in the unprovoked attack. Not to mention the lasting affect this has had on my mental health.

My partner has logged a complaint with the police and again has had no joy and not heard back. She was assaulted by this male for no reason in Liverpool City Centre leaving her injured and with an even worsened mental health. This was captured by city watch. It was radioed over to the police from city watch on the night that she had been assaulted. This is recorded in police statements. Police statements mention her bruising. There was also a witness on the night Nathan I believe his name was. There is a voicemail from the officers involved mentioning him and getting names mixed up with myself.

There will of been CCTV from the night showing me being attacked it was on Hanover St in Liverpool city centre outside a number of stores. I would simply suggest that the police investigating never went out of there way to attain it as it was an easier route to hold me entirely responsible for the harm that fell on me. To me this is a case of victim shaming.

Cctv post my involvement shown in court shown the male who attacked me trying to run around his father who was with him to get back at me and my partner. I was not shown this in my police interview however.

The officers on the night told me a number of things that happened post my involvement. His father kicked him in the face once he managed to place the out of control the male in a corner on the floor. An uninvolved off shift door supervisor walked past and booted the male too. Then I was told the male took a bad turn and ended up in hospital. All this and he spent a night in the cells?

I need an answer as to why neither me or my partner have been treated as a victim at any point in this case and why the male was never charged.

Police statements also spoke of a language barrier between themselves and the male I speak of. I believe this is another reason they chose to pursue prosecution of myself. The other male did not show up in court on the day of my trial neither have I ever seen a statement of his.

I would also like to add, in a response to a police complaint post my trial and after I have been to court and was found not guilty. The reply from the police states:

"due to the fact that your actions went beyond that of self-defence." This is not a fact. What I believe this to be is a further defamation of my character. The entire legal system relies on the concept of being innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They have simply implied again I am guilty of going beyond self defence. Even after a court decided otherwise.

I believe this again displays that the police appear unwilling to deal with my complaint due to the awful way that the case has been handled from the very start. 

I have been in touch with CPS who agree, and I quote "this has been handled absolutely awfully from start to finish." They are now also working with me to deal with my complaint.

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