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1 18th January 2017 01:04PM

I’m requesting to see if I have a case for unfair treatment.

Background: I work for ExxonMobil, and I’m employed through the UK affiliate of Esso Exploration. I’m British, and have an American wife. I work overseas for Exxon in Nigeria. My wife is pregnant, and our Occupational Helath clinic has advised that she have the baby outside of Nigeria due to a high risk pregnancy. Coincident to this my wife’s mother fell ill with terminal cancer, so we elected to send my wife to the USA to be with her as we couldn’t risk her mother passing away if my wife was unable to travel. The occupational health clinic here supported this for the well-being of my wife.

However, my wife is able to go to EVERY country in the world to have her baby, except for her own. Exxon an American company, through a cost-cutting effort has changed its health coverage plan so now, nobody who is employed outside of the US can go to the USA to get treatment. This is fine if you are not a US National, however, my wife is a US national and we are being financially penalized by my wife following her right to have birth in the USA. We wouldn’t even consider sending my wife to the USA had she not been an American, however, the company is taking the stance it’s your choice, you’re on your own. I don’t feel that this is right. I believe they should support an American citizen going back to her home country despite policies that are written for couples who are similar nationality.

The company, through it’s EXPAT Centre affiliate have also now gone back to the doctor in question, and asked him to change his decision, i.e. that my wife should go to the USA for the purpose of well being. I don’t believe this is right either. I thought dr’s were supposed to be free to diagnose in whatever manner they see fit, and without influence from the company. In summary, the below has happened:

a) Wife, whom is a US citizen, was approved medical referral status out of Nigeria for the birth of our 2nd child

b) We will be financially penalized if my wife follows her national origin and has our 2nd child in the USA. A country where her mother was born, and our babies elder sibling.

c) The McCarthy family must therefore, bear ALL costs associated with the birth of their child being born in the USA, as the only option is the UK, or a proximity nation.

d) Even though, my wife has NO STATUS in the UK, and she has NEVER lived there, she must go to that location to have our second baby.

e) Even though the UK option is 50% more expensive than the USA option

f) The EXPAT CENTER has also gone back to a medical group and asked them to change their MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS TO CONFORM TO POLICY, THEREBY INFLUENCINGTHE EMOTIONAL WELLNESS COMPONENT OF THE DR/PATIENT RELATIONSHIP. I’m amazed at this, is this even legal?

g) The EXPAT centre is still to update us on the changes to the medical referral advisement, and also advise what changed in Shannon’s well-being that meant the destination location could be changed from the USA.

Do you think we have a case against the company?

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2 18th January 2017 01:03PM

quick question, i move from england as a 16 year old minor to scotland where you are classed as an adult at 16, at what point do you become reconised as an adult under scottish law? is it the same day you arrive in the country to live or is there a time frame?

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3 18th January 2017 01:01PM

My separated husband, who no longer lives here, has been given notice that my stepson, who inherited from his mum, left an unpaid bill. I'm convinced one of my services are going to be cut. I'm disabled. The address is here, where I live. How do I protect myself?

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4 18th January 2017 01:01PM

Recently had a small claims against me which I intended to defend, duly filed the Directions Questionnaire and defence. and was expecting a hearing or mediation. Today I received a General Form of Judgement Order that says.

"Unless the defendant shall by 4pm on the 24th January 2017 file at the court a Completed Directions Questionnaire and pay any court fee required, the defence will be struck out and the Claimant will be at liberty to enter a judgement by default."

What does this mean - any advice would be helpful.



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5 18th January 2017 12:58PM

Can my previous employer sue me for damages after they have dismissed me?

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6 18th January 2017 12:57PM

Good morning,

I had rented out my flat to a property management guy with a basic tenancy agreement.he didn't pay me 4 months rent. Can anyone help?

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7 18th January 2017 12:56PM

A few years ago I was given interview under caution at my home for a minor offense( malitous communication) and I was told that instead of going to court as I didn't really want the hassle and the possibly of getting a criminal record I could take part in the Triage system as I had never offended before and it was such a minor offense. I successful passed this and I just wanted to know weather this will show up on an enhanced DBS check as it is required for a job I am applying for even though supposedly I have no criminal record.

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8 18th January 2017 12:55PM

we have been evicted from over home due to my incopasaty benefit being stoped? I was sent my p45 and told that's it? I apeled it toke a long time to sort out in the meantime rent arrears mounted and my wife arranged to pay £200 a month witch we did on the 9th Aug 16 my benefit got sorted and the rent arr ease where clear apart from £400 and me & wife had a separation due to the stress this all cursed council then sent letter for us to pay £43 a week witch I started to pay so thought the eveition was crushed but wasant? I offer to pay £700 what I was asked to pay but was anticipated aloud to leave property to get the money can you help us to get over home back we have lost over home and thousands of pounds and council have played me and my wife off each other to get house back they told me she gave house up and we are back together and have no home can you help please

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9 18th January 2017 12:54PM

I wish to reduce contact between my three children aged 7,9 and 11 and their father, my ex husband. There was domestic abuse in the marriage and I strongly suspect he isn't using the children to maintain control. He sees them three to four times per week and I wish to reduce it to every other weekend and once a week as it is disruptive to our family routine.

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10 18th January 2017 12:53PM

My Housing Association has subject me to much Housing Neglience, Bad Repairs and potential Health/Safety risks. It is not illlegal for a Tenant to withhold Rent?

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