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Testimonial Andrew Miller

"it seems to me that the legal advice model Expert Answers are promoting could help address the increasing gap that exists between ordinary citizens having access to justice"vv

Andrew Miller, MP, Chairman, House of Commons Select Committee for
Science and Technology

Testimonial Cwac

“a lot of people can be put off going to a solicitor because they know when they walk into an office it could prove expensive, Expert Answers offers an online legal advice solution, but in a more affordable manner”

Andrew Rees, Team Leader Consumer Protection and Investigations at Cheshire West and Chester Council

Testimonial News Desk

"If you have ever thought there must be a simple answer to a legal question, but you aren't sure whether to believe what you find on the Internet, you can now ask for Expert Answers "

Testimonial Legal Edge

"potential clients who would not ordinarily seek out legal advice because of various factors, but most significantly due to their perceptions around the time and cost"

Testimonial Legal Futures

"Internet revolution gathers pace with online legal advice "

Testimonial Gazette

“A Cheshire solicitor has launched a website giving legal advice over the internet to members of the public, who can decide how much they want to pay for it"

Testimonial Legal Support Network

"Alternative ways of delivering legal services continue to grow"

Testimonail Pioneer

"A UNIQUE way of providing legal advice on the internet has been dreamt up by a solicitor and a computer expert from Ellesmere Port"

Testimonial Guardian

"Adopting the unusual business approach of asking customers to pay whatever sum they think the advice is worth, it is exploring a new market"

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