What Users Say About Our Online Legal Advice

I had a concern that was worrying me and the Expert saw that there was no cause for concern and explained clearly the law and why I needn't worry. Overall, I was satisfied with the detailed reply.


Hi, when I posted my question here on a Saturday evening I honestly believed I would not have received a response until Monday the earliest, but to my amazement I had a response within a matter of a couple of hours and after me giving a few more details I was very satisfied with the advice I received by the conclusion mid morning on Sunday, I would highly recommend the use of this service.


Hello, I had an employment issues that had a few complications and other online legal agencies were unable to provide an expert. Luckily Expert Answers were able to intruduce David to me who provided me with a thorogh and robust reply. He was honest where he felt there were 'grey areas' but on the whole confirmed that the company I had been working for had acted unfairly, but again highlighting areas where unfair to the average person may not be the view of an opponent barrister. There are a few sites that pretend to offer the same service - most do not have the expertise, others were simply there to take your money. Expert Answers are one of the few genuine online sites to offer advice and I would not waste time looking elsewhere online.


The legal expert replied to my question quickly and even answered over the weekend. He uncovered a law I almost could have used, which no other solicitor had ever mentioned to me the few times I have briefly enquired about my question. Most solicitors do not have the time of day to listen to your questions. This legal expert did and tried his best to work out how to solve my question. I was most pleased with the quick, discreet service offered and will use again in future if I have any other legal matters that I need answering.


Thank you so much for your help and advice. This service has been absolutely invaluable and I now feel that I can make an informed decision as to whether to start legal proceedings or not. Highly affordable and excellent value for money, I felt that my appointed Solicitor, David Law, took time to understand the situation by asking for additional information and the reply that I received was over and above my expectations. I would recommend expertanswers.co.uk to anyone who is in need of legal support - this should definitely be the place to start when a legal situation arises.


Excellent prompt, professional and clear explanation of issues regarding my query. Very happy with the service provided by David and I will inform my friends to use this service if required in future. Thanks David


Had a very prompt reply. An excellent service and the Expert took the time to explain fully all parts of his reply. He also asked for more information so that he could answer further. Would thoroughly recommend this company.


Really helpful advise not necessarily what I wanted to hear but helpful in being prepared and to know my rights for a difficult meeting


Thank you for your Help. The Expert who answered my question gave me some valuable advice. I would definitely use expert answers again.