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Street law Firms are left miles behind with this service. I compare it to Uber taxis. The various quotes I had from law firms were some 10 times and even 50 times in some instance the price I paid here. David Law was thorough to guide me in changing the wordings of my Terms of Service contract agreement. From a badly written contract to an acceptable one in 5 answers. The next time, I will ask David to rewrite it completely for a reasonable fee. My first port whenever I need legal advice is definitely here. Thank you for this saviour service. Please keep it up. Your competitiors are way behind. ******** Five Stars minimum, no maximum ******** Kindest regards Serge

promoteam  "October 2017"

Where else can you ask a legal question on a Sunday evening and get an answer before bedtime? Straightforward advice.

KristianBlackburn  "October 2017"

A complex question on a specific and detailed matter,responded in a timely manner but with a clear understanding for the subject. He gave us information to progress the matter in the right direction. Thank you.

RalliTrak  "October 2017"

A good reply to my question giving me plenty of thought over my possible actions, very good.

crystal palace  "October 2017"

Very helpful, clear prompt advice

TradeOne  "October 2017"

Excellent advice, great listener and fast response time!

phillipjohnahern  "October 2017"

David was very knowledgeable, responsive and willing to help. I could not have manged the process without him, and manged to successfully defend 8 out of the nine demands my ex was making.

Robertp  "October 2017"

Thank you, you have helped a lot with this.

garodedeyan  "September 2017"

An excellent professional and helpful service - Thank you

Tim Phillips  "September 2017"

Excellent response, timely and very useful. Thank you

Christian1975  "September 2017"

excellent service!! thank you

Tim Phillips  "September 2017"

Very quick & helpful responses. Would definitely recommend

sl0per  "September 2017"

Thank you. Thorough answers to my problem.

T. Wright  "September 2017"

This is an excellent, professional and personal service. Highly recommend

Tim Phillips  "September 2017"

I am so pleased that such a company exists which is able to help us, and with honesty and integrity. High Street solicitors are prohibitively expensive, but this legal help is within everyone's range. A big relief.

louiseford1951  "September 2017"

Fantastic service saved me a lot of time. I am highly impressed all for £20. I would thoroughly recommend the Expert Answers service as it provides an easy, simple way to get good legal answers quickly, and easily. Thanks again

RikWilson  "September 2017"