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Very helpful, great honest advice, will use again

yim68  "May 2017"

why would i pay a high street solicitor ...saved a small fortune by using your website

seonew2017  "May 2017"

My questions were dealt with quickly and very thoroughly, with good humour and interesting background information. I will certainly use this service again when I need further help.

Maggie46  "April 2017"

I have faced the most aggressive legal team from the other-side that are willing to take advantage of me up to the very edges of legality. David has helped me see through the mist, and hopefully the judge will as well. I hope this review help you.

MK  "April 2017"

Thanks a lot for your swift response. It was very clear and comprehensive and has allowed me to agree a course of action. Thank you so much.

colleen  "April 2017"

Efficicient service will definitely use again.

aneziza  "April 2017"

Very professional! Surperb service! Highly recommend!

Shazjames  "April 2017"

It is the first time I have used this service and I would absolutely use it again. The response to my queries was prompt, professional and detailed

nkemn  "March 2017"

For Whom it May Concern, My request was dealt with by David Law and I found the service excellent. All responses were prompt and to the point and I will most certainly use Expert Answers in the future. Kind Regards, DH

damien777  "March 2017"

Excellent advice that has helped me to better understand the situation and how to avoid similar situations in the future. Had I gone straight to a solicitor and sought court action, I would most likely have ended up throwing good money after bad. Thanks again.

animrshaw  "March 2017"

Absolutely awesome - possibly the best and clearest information I ever received from a legal professional - and undoubtedly the best value. THANK YOU!

dyndns  "March 2017"

Very good service and vey quick. Will definetly use again. Many thanks

pictishblue  "March 2017"

A very helpful thank you one more time . I hope everything will go right regards Mark

imarek  "March 2017"

Excellent detailed but clear and quick response.

nigelh71  "March 2017"

Fantastic - thank you for you help David!

maxrobertson  "February 2017"

We received the information that we were seeking in a 'complex' situation. Now we have clarity to work on and move forward. Thank you

garodedeyan  "February 2017"