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16/05/2013 mohasu@gmail.com

I would like to design

I am very happy and with the answers and support I received from Karl Edwards.
14/05/2013 dalemunday

Hi, a few months ago s

Very helpful and a fast response
08/05/2013 jemetpl

A couple of questions

Thanks once again. I downloaded a copy of the register a couple of days ago.. The only restriction listed is related to the charging order. I have read elsewhere (albeit in internet forums!) that a charging order severs the joint tenancy. From what you say, this is not the case. Am I therefore safe to assume that, in the absence of the tenancy in common restriction, that a joint tenancy is in place?
25/04/2013 jackariah

I'm in the process of

Great feedback, very quick response
21/04/2013 Ronnie2611

i have photo of a cust

Thanks very much you have been great, would use again
19/04/2013 Emmo4

I am tenant in common

This has been my first experience with ExpertAnswers and i must say i was very satisfied with the results,and thanks to Karl Edwards gave me back my confidence to proceed with my case.Much appreciated,Thank you.
11/04/2013 Gavsto


I a

Thank you for your detailed and knowledgeable advice - it has been most helpful.
04/04/2013 Frankel

We bought our property

Very happy with Karl's quick response and thorough reply - this is a great service and I won't hesitate to use again/recommend. Thank you!
11/03/2013 obalitas



I needed a quick answer to an extensive question, which involved reviewing a document. Karl did an excellent job reviewing and breaking down the document, answering my questions, even went the extra mile and beyond. I received a lot more than I was bargaining for. A big thanks for the team at Expert Answers for making this happen, the world needs more on-line services like this one.
27/02/2013 Helen


My partner

This service has been very helpful, reassuring, convenient and prompt, taking away the financial fear-factor of going to ask a Solicitors. It's been wonderful to be able to seek such valuable advice at a donated cost I could afford. I understand the value and, if I could afford to donate more I would do so. I will certainly recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Expert Answers for providing this service and thanks Karl Edwards for your advice.

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