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very quick and concise response, sympathetic to situation and response is emphatic and reassuring.


Thank you for a great answer, it cleared things up!


Thank you very much for your expert advice regarding the issues involving my potential house - the questions I asked were answered quickly and very clearly - thanks!


Great response Jo and Super quick, I've been back and forth for a few months about these issues and it is so easy to post a question and get a response that is well worth every penny and the bonus ability, which has hopefully worked too :)


This is an excellent service that I would use again. Very helpful and frank advice delivered in a timely manner. My thanks to Ben.


Great advice received for a great price. Will definitely use this site again. Thanks to Claire, really appreciate the help you've given me and feel a bit more confident with my case now.


Excellent clear and quick response! This has tidied up a few things for me.


Played the devils advocate. Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but told me what I needed to hear. I will use this service again. Thank you for the honest advice.


Top man sorted my question very fast will defo use again no question about it. :) :) :)