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21/02/2013 leopie

My girlfriend l

Excellent advise in a language i can understand if any reccomendations are required let me know
19/02/2013 electrophotic

Last year I had my car

Admit liability: Merlin have been careful not to admit liability. They had originally phoned Trading Standards (TS) to say that they would put a cheque in the post to me for the full amount I had paid them. TS told me this and I was happy with that. I received no cheque and phoned TS to tell them. TS then said they had just received a letter from Merlin; they had discussed their position with their solicitor, they still intend to refund the full amount to me, but due to the current economic climate they are unable to pay in one lump sum and are offering £400 monthly, as an ex-gratia. Do I now need to have a written agreement signed by Merlin ("I, xxx, agree to pay Mr.yyy the sum of .." etc), with payment amounts and dates specified, so that when/if they default I can sue for breach of this agreement without having to prove liability for the poor job they did?
30/01/2013 kemhedge

Hello, Is it legal to

Thanks Karl - you've been really helpful.
30/01/2013 jburrells


I wa

Thanks Karl. The housing benefits people have said that she is classes as having an assured shorthold tenancy and therefore does have the same rights as the main tenants. I am really confused - can you explain how she is classed as having a tenancy at will as I fear she from the housing agency. Thanks
28/01/2013 kaybee327

Problem : Dispute with

Karl responded much quicker than I thought he would and his service and responses were also very quick. I can certainly recommend both Karl and Expert Answers for what is a fast and accurate service. This site has been bookmarked for any future problems. Well done Karl Keith Bouckley
17/01/2013 eaald4391

Trading Standards Inte

Really Really Helpful!
10/01/2013 chericbaker

I am an executor for m

So much clearer than the woolly 'answers' we were getting from a solicitor in SW London (who I felt was stonewalling, hoping for future business - "leave it all to the experts, you confused amateurs"). I feel that I got a very prompt service from you and it was good value. Good legal advice is never cheap so 'good value' is pretty fantastic!
09/01/2013 Katyforster

For the attention of K

Great help thank you. I thought I had some rights but it was nice to have the confirmed and the actual law they were breaking. I used your exact words and it did the trick. One very happy customer.
28/12/2012 Ravenhurst1

In February this year

Reassuring advice quickly provided.
21/12/2012 Stemason150

Hello, approx 10 mont

Thank you so much !! I don't want to go prison... All the very best to you and yours Karl

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