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23/05/2013 future

I read a fantasy story

Brilliant service with a swift response.
20/05/2013 John Cordock

I own a holiday chalet

An incredibly good and affordable advice service which certainly went that 'extra mile' to solve my problem. The advice was pertinent, professional and relevant and allowed me the opportunity to ask additional questions until I fully understood the issues. I felt 'in charge' the whole way through and actually built up a 'good relationship' with the expert. An easy to use, on-line, value for money service offering expert advice in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Finally, its quick and easy - like taking a solicitor 'off your shelf' whenever you need them - no waiting, no fuss - just answers at the click of your fingers. Brilliant !!!!!!!!'
19/05/2013 ciscopet

Hi there

My husb

Thank you Karl - that is very useful. Very impressed with the depth of your answer and pleased I decided to give this service a go. It is something I did not know existed but I will certainly recommend it to others. Even the sense of having access to qualified legal opinion reduced our stress over the situation considerably.
16/05/2013 mohasu@gmail.com

I would like to design

I am very happy and with the answers and support I received from Karl Edwards.
14/05/2013 dalemunday

Hi, a few months ago s

Very helpful and a fast response
08/05/2013 jemetpl

A couple of questions

Thanks once again. I downloaded a copy of the register a couple of days ago.. The only restriction listed is related to the charging order. I have read elsewhere (albeit in internet forums!) that a charging order severs the joint tenancy. From what you say, this is not the case. Am I therefore safe to assume that, in the absence of the tenancy in common restriction, that a joint tenancy is in place?
25/04/2013 jackariah

I'm in the process of

Great feedback, very quick response
21/04/2013 Ronnie2611

i have photo of a cust

Thanks very much you have been great, would use again
19/04/2013 Emmo4

I am tenant in common

This has been my first experience with ExpertAnswers and i must say i was very satisfied with the results,and thanks to Karl Edwards gave me back my confidence to proceed with my case.Much appreciated,Thank you.
11/04/2013 Gavsto


I a

Thank you for your detailed and knowledgeable advice - it has been most helpful.

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