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Amazing advice. Very happy.

Hayley  "August 2016"

Excellent Service, Quick and Detailed Answer.

ArdoWD  "August 2016"

quick response. very helpful.

humble2250  "August 2016"

Really helpful advice regarding a leasehold query. I would highly recommend this service. It's very personal, prompt and gives a clear explanation regarding the query.

Saffronrom  "August 2016"

Brilliant experience and I would recommend anyone considering this service to resolve a legal question.

phflex  "August 2016"

Great answer really nailed it .. I paid another site and the person didnt know what she was on about you really gave a lot of info thanks so much

jaredainsworth1988  "August 2016"

Thanks for the prompt Advice David. You have been very helpful.

Madassor  "July 2016"

Mr Karl Edwards has helped me with many difficult legal questions in a most professional and helpful manner, the amount of detailed help and advice he has given me for a small fee is a credit to him and his profession, he truly is a most caring and helpful professional and I wouldn`t turn to anyone else for legal help. Mr Edwards is a shining example of how solicitors should be and I am extremely grateful to him for all his help and feel very fortunate to have had dealings with him. Frank

Frank  "July 2016"

Thank you so much to David Law Flintshire You have been fantastic in your helping us with our late mothers will.We cannot thank you enough Carol In coventry

stewart52  "July 2016"

Thank you so much David for your friendly and professional reply. It is much appreciated, this is a wonderful service, one which I would not hesitate to use again.

Ylimeadvice  "July 2016"

Thank you very much for the advice. As you predicted, the landlord never took it any further!

Bluestraw  "July 2016"

Swift response, concise and to the point, highly recommended.

future  "July 2016"

At first i was not impressed with the information provided given the number of typos. As David says he is a solicitor not a typist I decided to give the site a second go. I have to say typos aside the assistance and advice helped me to win my case. I cannot thank David and Expert Answers enough for the help they gave me.

droffey007  "July 2016"

Brilliant service. My question was answered quickly in a way that I could fully understand and i was offered the chance to ask further questions which I didn't need to do. i paid a price that i thought was reasonable and I am extremely satisfied with the service.

chrisg11  "July 2016"

I liaised with David via the system & also on the telephone. David was excellent to deal with; very professional, very experienced & great to deal with. Straight to the heart of the matter with a no nonsense approach, ie, did not tell me what I wanted to hear which was very refreshing. Obviously David knows his onions but additionally, what a great pleasure to deal with.

davestacey  "June 2016"

A fantastic service and very fast response. Thank you very much!

Mark Dalton  "June 2016"