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30/01/2013 jburrells


I wa

Thanks Karl. The housing benefits people have said that she is classes as having an assured shorthold tenancy and therefore does have the same rights as the main tenants. I am really confused - can you explain how she is classed as having a tenancy at will as I fear she from the housing agency. Thanks
28/01/2013 kaybee327

Problem : Dispute with

Karl responded much quicker than I thought he would and his service and responses were also very quick. I can certainly recommend both Karl and Expert Answers for what is a fast and accurate service. This site has been bookmarked for any future problems. Well done Karl Keith Bouckley
17/01/2013 eaald4391

Trading Standards Inte

Really Really Helpful!
10/01/2013 chericbaker

I am an executor for m

So much clearer than the woolly 'answers' we were getting from a solicitor in SW London (who I felt was stonewalling, hoping for future business - "leave it all to the experts, you confused amateurs"). I feel that I got a very prompt service from you and it was good value. Good legal advice is never cheap so 'good value' is pretty fantastic!
09/01/2013 Katyforster

For the attention of K

Great help thank you. I thought I had some rights but it was nice to have the confirmed and the actual law they were breaking. I used your exact words and it did the trick. One very happy customer.
28/12/2012 Ravenhurst1

In February this year

Reassuring advice quickly provided.
21/12/2012 Stemason150

Hello, approx 10 mont

Thank you so much !! I don't want to go prison... All the very best to you and yours Karl
03/12/2012 jackreay

I bought a van from a

Fantastic service, advised on various points in plain and concise language. I can sleep easy now! Are you guys recommended on "martinsmoneytips" if not you should be
28/11/2012 hatmandu

My question is IP-rela

Helpful, friendly and responsive service (I found it via Dragon's Den) - many thanks
02/11/2012 EA_USER_123176 I have along with 3 other Hi Karl, Thank you for the information so helpful and quick to respond! I can't spell so wouldn't notice the errors!! Best WIshes Clare

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