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10/09/2012 EA_USER_122460 I have just received a le Karl was a great help advising me when i was getting legally bullied and couldnt afford to go to a solicitor in person. I highly reccommend him.
05/09/2012 EA_USER_122366 Living with partner and r Thank you for your reply, it was helpful.
04/09/2012 EA_USER_122339 My solicitor did not deal Thank you very much for your help You have been great help too
29/08/2012 EA_USER_122237 good afternoon. My son vi Excellent clear response provided by Karl Edwards. Great service and very quick
28/08/2012 EA_USER_122228 ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY Perfect and acceptable full answer. Just as I was expecting. Excellent service, much appreciate for.
15/08/2012 EA_USER_121994 I paid up-front for a pac Thank you very much, Karl. No worries at all re: the typing. You've been helpful and swift to respond and your advice is very much appreciated. I will certainly spread the word of this website - it's a great example of people willing to do their bit to help those in need.
15/08/2012 EA_USER_121981 Hi. I have split up wi Thank you very much for your answer, regarding this i would like something clarified, that i am unsure about. You mention if my daughter does not live there that my ex can force the sale of the house, but my daughter does live as we share custody, and the house i am in with my daughter is the house she spend her first 4 years in, also the house is disabled friendly towards myself as i got mobility issues. - Can she still legally enforce a sale? or do i have to buy her out (which i cant really).. Im a bit lost on this point as its not very clear. Apart from that big thanks and great advice.
13/08/2012 EA_USER_121928 Hi, i have a mortgage on very good help and advice, thanks.
07/08/2012 EA_USER_121836 how can we get neighbour Thankyou Karl, for that advice, and for being kind enough to get back to me within 1 hour. and wish i had asked you this at the start of all our hasstle, could have saved time and money. i know where to come to if need more advice, but will gladly pay next time
14/07/2012 EA_USER_121500 My application for posses Very good service

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