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12/04/2012 EA_USER_988 I am a Landlord of a Prop Thats excellent thanks .. I will write to his solicitors and request an answer .. I am sure that when leaving prison .. he will not be living in the UK .. need to have documents in place now
12/03/2012 EA_USER_933 Hi i recently had a br Thanks for your help!
10/03/2012 EA_USER_925 This question relates to Good advice, it has dealt with the question very well. Can you just tell me as the landlord do I have much chance of getting my money or once the tenant moves out then presumably they become hard to find and sue although I do know where he works. For some reason it would not let me type this in the reply box
28/02/2012 EA_USER_912 I'm a trade union represe Thank you this has answered my question. very helpful :D thank you
28/02/2012 EA_USER_911 I bought a used car on th Could not ask any follow up questions - kept typing my reply and 'post a reply' and kept getting a message which said post your reply in red at the top of the screen
23/02/2012 EA_USER_898 My mum and brother lived Many thanks Karl you've been great! & your spelling isn't that bad :0) Regards Jan
12/01/2012 EA_USER_835 Hello, I am currently a S Many thanks for the service. My only comment is that the service would be enhanced (and in particular the 'value' I could place on the answer) by being being able to see the professional credentials of the person giving the answer. e.g. if I was providing engineering advice, it would be good for the recipient to see that I am: BEng, MSc, MA Dip(Nuc), FIMarEST..(with 27 years of experience ...) ... As it stands, I have no sight of what level of professional has given me the advice / answer.
04/01/2012 EA_USER_816 Hi I started a relationsh The Site is superb I would highly recommend. I will add bonus once last bits clarified Thanks Kerrie
30/12/2011 EA_USER_812 i have been summoned to c fantastic service. never have I used or experienced anything like it. will definitely use it again a d recommend it to my friends and colleagues .
16/12/2011 EA_USER_12791 my partners daughter has Thank you, You have been very helpful.

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