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David provided a very useful and speedy response to my question and proceeded to provide responses a number of supplementary questions I had. The service was extremely professional and convenient meaning I could resolve my issue without having to leave the office so had no need to arrange time of work, definitely a service I would use again if needed!

pippabett  "February 2016"

Brilliant answer! You have certainly put my mind at rest.. I shall contact the Guardian Law, now in Formby to ascertain if it is indeed the same company, and also ask them why they never informed us, or any of their clients, about the change of address.. Sad really, as we had hoped that over the years they would have been in touch with us to review the Wills in order to update them. Thank you so very much for the time you have taken to answer my query. Bless you Linda Doherty

Biggles350  "February 2016"

Many thanks for putting my mind at rest regarding this.

Rocket09  "February 2016"

David Law was very clear and precise in his answers and has told us how to get further help. Thank you!

Jessicajil  "February 2016"

Great speed, great responses, great guy. I would definitely recommend!

VictorAiyegbusi  "February 2016"

Thank you! You have answered my question, and that's everything I needed to know!

sf71  "February 2016"

David Law - A really consumate professional who grasped the nettle on my case immediately & gave a superb array of answers which proved how quickly he understood the case. I am extremely immpressed. From Dave Stacey, Surrey Area.

davestacey  "January 2016"

Excellent response. David was happy to answer a couple of follow-up queries as well as the original one I posted.

AndyEThomp  "January 2016"

Cannot praise the fast continued service received from Karl for the most modest of fee enough, his invaluable detailed help and advice are that of a true professional who cares for his client and is not blinded by money. Frank

Frank  "December 2015"

Great! Thank you so much for your help. I think this has pretty much given us the information we need moving forward. Have a great Christmas. Alex

alexjl  "December 2015"

Very thorough and efficient , gave good detailed advise.

ashleykhoo  "December 2015"

Thanks for your quick replies and expert advice.

CJE  "November 2015"

Many thanks for your complex and professional answer. It really helped me to understand important aspects regarding my will and probate work. I will be more then happy to refer your services to friends/ family and clients.

Luck  "November 2015"

Thanks,you may well have saved us best part of £2k ,willl be back in contact soon ,got some other legal stuff with ex wife i want help with . regards martin

rubikcube  "November 2015"

quick speedy service. would recommend. thanks very much.

graham.brown88  "November 2015"


RAYO51  "October 2015"