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I am very happy and with the answers and support I received from Karl Edwards.

mohasu  "May 2013"

Very helpful and a fast response

dalemunday  "May 2013"

Thanks once again. I downloaded a copy of the register a couple of days ago.. The only restriction listed is related to the charging order. I have read elsewhere (albeit in internet forums!) that a charging order severs the joint tenancy. From what you say, this is not the case. Am I therefore safe to assume that, in the absence of the tenancy in common restriction, that a joint tenancy is in place?

jemetpl  "May 2013"

Great feedback, very quick response

jackariah  "April 2013"

Thanks very much you have been great, would use again

Ronnie2611  "April 2013"

This has been my first experience with ExpertAnswers and i must say i was very satisfied with the results,and thanks to Karl Edwards gave me back my confidence to proceed with my case.Much appreciated,Thank you.

Emmo4  "April 2013"

Thank you for your detailed and knowledgeable advice - it has been most helpful.

Gavsto  "April 2013"

Very happy with Karl's quick response and thorough reply - this is a great service and I won't hesitate to use again/recommend. Thank you!

Frankel  "April 2013"

I needed a quick answer to an extensive question, which involved reviewing a document. Karl did an excellent job reviewing and breaking down the document, answering my questions, even went the extra mile and beyond. I received a lot more than I was bargaining for. A big thanks for the team at Expert Answers for making this happen, the world needs more on-line services like this one.

obalitas  "March 2013"

This service has been very helpful, reassuring, convenient and prompt, taking away the financial fear-factor of going to ask a Solicitors. It's been wonderful to be able to seek such valuable advice at a donated cost I could afford. I understand the value and, if I could afford to donate more I would do so. I will certainly recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Expert Answers for providing this service and thanks Karl Edwards for your advice.

Helen  "February 2013"

Excellent advise in a language i can understand if any reccomendations are required let me know

leopie  "February 2013"

Admit liability: Merlin have been careful not to admit liability. They had originally phoned Trading Standards (TS) to say that they would put a cheque in the post to me for the full amount I had paid them. TS told me this and I was happy with that. I received no cheque and phoned TS to tell them. TS then said they had just received a letter from Merlin; they had discussed their position with their solicitor, they still intend to refund the full amount to me, but due to the current economic climate they are unable to pay in one lump sum and are offering £400 monthly, as an ex-gratia. Do I now need to have a written agreement signed by Merlin ("I, xxx, agree to pay Mr.yyy the sum of .." etc), with payment amounts and dates specified, so that when/if they default I can sue for breach of this agreement without having to prove liability for the poor job they did?

electrophotic  "February 2013"

Thanks Karl - you've been really helpful.

kemhedge  "January 2013"

Thanks Karl. The housing benefits people have said that she is classes as having an assured shorthold tenancy and therefore does have the same rights as the main tenants. I am really confused - can you explain how she is classed as having a tenancy at will as I fear she from the housing agency. Thanks

jburrells  "January 2013"

Karl responded much quicker than I thought he would and his service and responses were also very quick. I can certainly recommend both Karl and Expert Answers for what is a fast and accurate service. This site has been bookmarked for any future problems. Well done Karl Keith Bouckley

kaybee327  "January 2013"

Really Really Helpful!

eaald4391  "January 2013"