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Reassuring advice quickly provided.

Ravenhurst1  "December 2012"

Thank you so much !! I don't want to go prison... All the very best to you and yours Karl

Stemason150  "December 2012"

Fantastic service, advised on various points in plain and concise language. I can sleep easy now! Are you guys recommended on "martinsmoneytips" if not you should be

jackreay  "December 2012"

Helpful, friendly and responsive service (I found it via Dragon's Den) - many thanks

hatmandu  "November 2012"

Hi Karl, Thank you for the information so helpful and quick to respond! I can't spell so wouldn't notice the errors!! Best WIshes Clare

EA_USER_123176  "November 2012"

Great service - peace of mind quickly, great detail and advice. HIghly recommended and thank you!

EA_USER_123034  "October 2012"

I received extremely helpful advice from Karl Edwards. An excellent service for someone like myself. I am a disabled person with communication issues so being able to deal with this matter electronically and independently without help is great. Thank you very much.

EA_USER_122885  "October 2012"

Thank you. Your answer confirms my own view. Unfortunately some English people don't seem to know that Northern Ireland is in the UK!!

EA_USER_122848  "September 2012"

Great service, quick and accurate:

EA_USER_122620  "September 2012"

Thanks for your answer. However i dont think you have answered my question.

EA_USER_122611  "September 2012"

Very quick replies. Thank you.

EA_USER_122514  "September 2012"

Thank you so much for your time and effort in assisting me with this query. I will take your advice and contact the advertising standards authority after I have given Carphone Warehouse a big miss!!!! Kind Regards, Norman Drake

EA_USER_122464  "September 2012"

Karl was a great help advising me when i was getting legally bullied and couldnt afford to go to a solicitor in person. I highly reccommend him.

EA_USER_122460  "September 2012"

Thank you for your reply, it was helpful.

EA_USER_122366  "September 2012"

Thank you very much for your help You have been great help too

EA_USER_122339  "September 2012"

Excellent clear response provided by Karl Edwards. Great service and very quick

EA_USER_122237  "August 2012"