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Thank you, Just one final clarification I omitted to state that I live in Northern Ireland, can you please advise if the law as regards to the Bills of Exchange Act apply here in NI, and if not what is the position here ?

annett  "March 2014"

5* many thanks

derrenk  "January 2014"

Thank you for your perseverance and help. This has helped me a lot. I will definately use our site again if needed.

petrek  "January 2014"

Karl was fantastic in his response to my question. The area of law to which my question referred was not particularly straight forward, he broke the subject down into comprehensible parts. I am very impressed with the detail of his answer, he has interacted with all parts of the question. To sum up the response, Karl told me the bottom line - what more can you expect? Amazing.

slt-hamilton  "January 2014"

Jo, Thank you very much for your legal advice. You have been a great help to us.

Nandi  "December 2013"

I don't get what you mean about the work permit should be related to her Msc My question was whether she can apply for another job somewhere else with the work permit that was filed by using my friend's company.

legal999  "December 2013"

Good legal advice / help, and a fast reply. Thank you.

RichGtB  "November 2013"

Karl always provides very detailed answers and is very helpful. Much appreciated!

tech10ken  "November 2013"

A good answer - thanks. We are often in the UK, although not with the car, so a small claim in the local county court would not be a great financial burden. Thanks.

bob  "November 2013"

Karl was exemplary, and went well beyond the requirements, we have been very reassured and I would certainly use this service again, if all your experts are as professional and empathetic as Karl. Thank you Karl.

Patricia Barkess  "October 2013"

My first time of contacting Expertanswers and I was amazed at their response time and honesty. Their answer has saved me more money in traipsing round trying to see Solicitors close to home....

forster55  "October 2013"

Karl responded promptly to my questions and his answers were helpful and clearly explained. I would definitely recommend.

dpclements  "September 2013"

Thank you for an excellent service. I was in a difficult situation of trying to help my daughter with a problem in the Uk but i am living in France so it was not possible to speak face to face with someone for advice. Your service enabled me to help her quickly. Karl Edwards answered my questions and was very helpful and quick to respond. I would definitely use this service again.

sonic  "August 2013"

Answered concisely within 13 hours - Exactly what I wanted to know - wish I had used your service earlier - it would have saved a lot of grief in the long run. Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

the.firths  "August 2013"

Amazing service. Can't believe my answer only cost me £10. Many many thanks.

pgr123  "August 2013"

Excellent, to-the-point advice, Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

underworldmagic  "August 2013"