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Helpful, friendly and responsive service (I found it via Dragon's Den) - many thanks

hatmandu  "November 2012"

Hi Karl, Thank you for the information so helpful and quick to respond! I can't spell so wouldn't notice the errors!! Best WIshes Clare

EA_USER_123176  "November 2012"

Great service - peace of mind quickly, great detail and advice. HIghly recommended and thank you!

EA_USER_123034  "October 2012"

I received extremely helpful advice from Karl Edwards. An excellent service for someone like myself. I am a disabled person with communication issues so being able to deal with this matter electronically and independently without help is great. Thank you very much.

EA_USER_122885  "October 2012"

Thank you. Your answer confirms my own view. Unfortunately some English people don't seem to know that Northern Ireland is in the UK!!

EA_USER_122848  "September 2012"

Great service, quick and accurate:

EA_USER_122620  "September 2012"

Thanks for your answer. However i dont think you have answered my question.

EA_USER_122611  "September 2012"

Very quick replies. Thank you.

EA_USER_122514  "September 2012"

Thank you so much for your time and effort in assisting me with this query. I will take your advice and contact the advertising standards authority after I have given Carphone Warehouse a big miss!!!! Kind Regards, Norman Drake

EA_USER_122464  "September 2012"

Karl was a great help advising me when i was getting legally bullied and couldnt afford to go to a solicitor in person. I highly reccommend him.

EA_USER_122460  "September 2012"

Thank you for your reply, it was helpful.

EA_USER_122366  "September 2012"

Thank you very much for your help You have been great help too

EA_USER_122339  "September 2012"

Excellent clear response provided by Karl Edwards. Great service and very quick

EA_USER_122237  "August 2012"

Perfect and acceptable full answer. Just as I was expecting. Excellent service, much appreciate for.

EA_USER_122228  "August 2012"

Thank you very much, Karl. No worries at all re: the typing. You've been helpful and swift to respond and your advice is very much appreciated. I will certainly spread the word of this website - it's a great example of people willing to do their bit to help those in need.

EA_USER_121994  "August 2012"

Thank you very much for your answer, regarding this i would like something clarified, that i am unsure about. You mention if my daughter does not live there that my ex can force the sale of the house, but my daughter does live as we share custody, and the house i am in with my daughter is the house she spend her first 4 years in, also the house is disabled friendly towards myself as i got mobility issues. - Can she still legally enforce a sale? or do i have to buy her out (which i cant really).. Im a bit lost on this point as its not very clear. Apart from that big thanks and great advice.

EA_USER_121981  "August 2012"