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I was very pleasantly surprised how quickly my question was dealt with. The expert helped me to see the way forward with my case, explained the realities of it and confirmed my assumptions where I was correct. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for any further assistance. I didn’t have any success on other sites.

nseabrooke  "September 2020"

Super fast, detailed and friendly response from David regarding an issue around the sale of goods in my business. It was great to have access to robust legal advice at an affordable rate as soon as I needed it! I'll certainly be recommending the service, and I'll be back as soon as my next legal query pops up. Thanks Again!

kym  "September 2020"

Excellent response. Confirmed legal issues that I suspected which gave me the confidence to move forwards! Quick response. Very pleased.

stevemycoe  "September 2020"

Advice has been invaluable shown me the way forward in a very long, drawn out complicated case. I appreciate the honesty and down to earth approach. I would have no reservations in recommending this service and would not hesitate to contact them again if necessary. The price I paid was more than fair and for that I received more advice than I had expected.

urbanistweb  "August 2020"

Superb legal advice received in a fraction of the time and cost of using a traditional solicitor. Surely the future for a profession so hidebound by tradition.

mikeslinn  "August 2020"

Excellent advise and help with my boundary dispute, answered loads of questions and I now know what I need to do going forward to sort all this out. Expert was great and puts you on the right path. I was hesitant with these online things but this is the real deal so please try if you need any advise. Thanks S

stevedillon  "August 2020"

My experience using Expert Answers has been great. The experts responses have been professional and I would recommend using this online solicitor service 5* from me

kerryl1176  "August 2020"

The advice and assistance we have received the expert has been magnificent. He has gone above and beyond the course of duty to help and has been gratefully received and hugely appreciated We wholeheartedly recommend him Many thanks again

cashton43  "August 2020"

Great advise. Put me at ease with my initial concerns. Very informative and useful advise.

Kitkat  "July 2020"

Really helpful and reassuring, I found the service to be knowledgeable, prompt and gave me all the information, advice and opinion that I required. Thank you!

sarah_evans44  "July 2020"

I couldn't possibly describe how worthwhile peace of mind is when you are forced to doubt your understanding of a contract, just to be given that added confidence when you are being challenged. Expert Answers provided a speedy and thorough response. This service is a godsend when you don't have time to wait days for an appointment. It will certainly be at the top of my list in future when I or anyone I know needs advice. Thank you

helenwhittleton  "July 2020"

Expert gave a clear, helpful response. I appreciated his thoroughness and the way that he explained the law to me. In practical terms, his advice has been very useful to me in addressing a challenging situation, in which l just needed to know where I stood. I'd previously contacted a couple of local law firms and was put off by the potential cost. Using Expert Answers has achieved exactly what I needed more conveniently and it's cost me a fraction of what I would have paid. Thank you.

walter  "July 2020"

Great responses explaining how copyright works in certain situations!

buzztriviaofficial  "July 2020"

Second time I have used this service now. Fantastic once again - very fast, detailed reply - set out clearly and simply. Very friendly. Will definitely use again and have recommended to family and friends. Thank you!

Samjane04  "July 2020"

Expert Answers recommended to me by a friend who heard about my dispute with a neighbour. The site was so easy to use. I received my answer in the same evening. A big THANK YOU to David Law for the very detailed and intelligible answer about a sensitive issue. It was brilliant! His answer has given me knowledge and the confidence to take the next step.I cannot recommend this online legal advice service enough.

j19hev  "July 2020"

I was a bit dubious about using this type of service to be honest, but after reading so many positive reviews I decided to give it a go myself and I am so glad that I did! What an easy to use, fast, affordable service! Very efficient, professional and friendly people. Would definitely recommend and I am now using for the second time.

Samjane04  "June 2020"