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Excellent service. Very fast response with clear and sympathetic answer.

green.jamesed  "August 2021"

Very helpful. Lots of information and explanations - with the required patience for questions. Friendly and occasionally amusing.

jsmith  "July 2021"

Brilliant service. Asked a legal question about a sticky situation that has been bothering me for a couple of years. The expert, was forthright and outlined to me exactly what I had to do. I will wholeheartedly recommend your site to any of my friends who need similar help.

mike.kurawski  "July 2021"

Expert Answers is an invaluable service. I received a comprehensive and tailored answer in a matter of hours. Having such easy access to this level of expertise honestly feels like a superpower. I would highly recommend if you want peace of mind.

benreynolds95  "July 2021"

I wanted to say thank you so very much to David who showed patience to the extreme and was extremely helpful in both his understanding of the problem and the information that he gave me to keep up a fight. These big boys all to often bully us small guys as we don’t have the same financial clout. David and his notes which I have read dozens of times. Thank you so much. So nice that professional will give up time to help us. Five star from me all the way. Many thanks

rick  "July 2021"

Very prompt and informative. Thank you!

tlc1992  "June 2021"

Excellent service, excellent advise and all in double quick time. Can't recommend this firm highly enough

andy_craig64  "June 2021"

Expert assisted with my questions in a clear and concise manner, with the consideration I am not from a legal background within his answers. I am very happy with his advice.

371381246  "June 2021"

Excellent service with clear and concise advice from David Law. Thank you.

mastersx5  "June 2021"

This service has made a difficult and stressful situation more bearable and often with a same day response we have felt very supported. I have used David Law on a number of occasions now with an ongoing legal problem. The fact that I am a returning customer is probably testimonial enough.  "June 2021"

Thank you for all your help. Your answers were really clear and helpful. Wonderful service!

anshiqi19840918  "May 2021"

I have received prompt and informative advice and would be happy to recommend Expert Answers to others.

johngillity  "May 2021"

I received answers very quickly to my question and follow-ups. The advice made me feel safe in how I can navigate my legal matters, and I feel informed and confident to manage my legal matters. I appreciate the help very much and I wholeheartedly recommend Expert Answers.

noreply  "April 2021"

Responses were prompt to each reply which helped me enormously as I was keen to deal with my problem quickly. Couldn't praise this service enough and would not hesitate in using it again.

lambertjacq  "April 2021"

The Expert was super quick to reply even on a bank holiday. His reply was quick, detailed, to the point and accurate, helping to ease my mind. Would use again.

neil.john.ayers  "April 2021"

this service has been a great help. Expert patiently and quickly responded to my questions, with sound advice. Very generous with his time, allowing me to come back with follow-up questions. Thank you.

hihelen  "April 2021"