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The Expert was super quick to reply even on a bank holiday. His reply was quick, detailed, to the point and accurate, helping to ease my mind. Would use again.

neil.john.ayers  "April 2021"

this service has been a great help. Expert patiently and quickly responded to my questions, with sound advice. Very generous with his time, allowing me to come back with follow-up questions. Thank you.

hihelen  "April 2021"

I am delighted with this service. Very professional and fast answers for my issue. Would highly recommend to anyone. It is so good to know that this service is here for people who may need help urgently with their issues.

viv.cox  "April 2021"

I can't tell how much this website has helped me. !00% recommend using this platform and people involved. Thank You!

siemczester  "March 2021"

Thank you for removing a 'thorn in my side' that has been present and nagging for almost a decade. A perfect illustration why should ask a professional NOT a self invested business partner! Replied to within hours which I wasn't expecting. Advice was thorough and anything I didn't understand was clarified. I will definitely use this service again.  "March 2021"

Having a legal "bod" look at the paperwork and contract gave us more confidence that we were doing the right thing. Gave us the legal wording (short, sharp, concise) to put in our claim. Will use this service again if we should ever need it.

listerchelle  "March 2021"

Very impressed. I wish my solicitor had given me this advice.

c.tilburyspost  "March 2021"

The expert was very easy to deal with, covered all my questions and gave me detailed answers straight away even though it was over a weekend. I would certainly use them again if I needed to, a five star company great to deal with

david.banks250713  "March 2021"

Thank you so much! Your answer was very thorough and informative. Exactly what we were thinking so it’s good to get that as a legal professional you agree. We now know the best way forwards. Thanks again

vadams8100  "March 2021"

Fantastic service and assistance from the Expert, would wholeheartedly recommend! Thank you

markroberts22  "March 2021"

Quick responses and great help answering all my questions went above and beyond what I expected

jamie.baker2003  "February 2021"

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you. Cannot recommend enough!!

coopermichelle  "February 2021"

Great service, quick, nice and competent.

thesurrender  "January 2021"

I was given excellent advice with regard to a tenancy agreement query. Extremely prompt and informative answer, delivered with good humour into what was an otherwise stressful situation. Went above and beyond in answering my question. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

ezsisku  "January 2021"

Great efficient and pragmatic advice. Appreciated the timely responses and ability to think outside the box.

robborover  "January 2021"

Thank you so much to the Expert. That was such a help. I also appreciated your very prompt replies and in depth explanation and advice.

xanthe62  "December 2020"