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06/09/2017 marjorie green

For the attention of D

This is my third association with 'expertanswers'. Each time, I feel so blessed that I found them online. Like having my own personal legal bodyguard. Bless you David, and thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me.
05/09/2017 jennypartridge

Hi my name is Jenny. I

Fantastic Service. Very prompt in each and every response. The detail, content and response was very good. I would recommend using them.
04/09/2017 abigail

Hi we built a detached

I found the answers to my questions very useful and explained in a way easy to understand. Thank you David for your help.
30/08/2017 Bluesman99

Hello, I am the seller

answered everything I wanted to know with clarity and concise detail and wording. I highly recommend this legal specialist of contract law to anyone. Thank you.
28/08/2017 Kitkat

My ex husband is a nar

Great advice. Brilliant service and responses too. Helped me a lot get my head around the situation. Thank you
24/08/2017 Mayfly

Good morning,

I was hesitant about seeking legal advice online, but the information and examples I've been given have been very clear and full. Thank you David!
31/07/2017 55North

I am man of 68 years o

It's to early for me to say how accurate the advise turned out be in practice, but it is more or less what I expected, and it was delivered in a very satisfactory manner. I would recommend this site to others with the same need.
28/07/2017 answerdavid I booked flights with an Prompt replies to query. Great advice. Well worth the fee charged. Would definitely use site again if in need.
27/07/2017 Martynd

Two years ago I was wo

Thanks good sensible advice would recommend
24/07/2017 philipmarkey

We are a small IT comp

Very professional and valuable service especially to SMEs - access to quality independent commercial experience at a very keen rate. Chance to pick a Senior Legal Professional brains for a set up front fee.

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