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Hi, when I posted my question here on a Saturday evening I honestly believed I would not have received a response until Monday the earliest, but to my amazement I had a response within a matter of hours.I was very satisfied with the advice I received by the conclusion mid morning on Sunday, I would highly recommend the use of this service.

latimerdavid  "November 2019"

I had a complicated employment issue. Other online legal agencies were unable to help. The Expert on here provided a thorough and robust reply. He was honest and confirmed the company I worked for acted unfairly. Other sites pretend to offer the same service. But do not have the expertise, others just want to take your money. Expert Answers genuinely offers great advice and I would not waste time looking elsewhere.

daveh7000  "October 2019"

The legal expert replied to my question quickly and even answered over the weekend. He uncovered a law I almost could have used, which no other solicitor had ever mentioned to me previously.The expert worked out the best way to solve my question. I was most pleased with the quick, discreet service offered and will use again in future.

queensenglishperson  "October 2019"

Thank you so much for your help and advice. This service has been absolutely invaluable and I now feel that I can make an informed decision on the next steps.The Expert took time to understand my situation and the answer I received was above my expectations. I recommend this service to anyone needing legal support - this site should definitely be the place to start.

feyh  "October 2019"

Excellent prompt, professional and clear explanation of issues regarding my query. Very happy with the service provided by David and I will inform my friends to use this service if required in future. Thanks David

ck_buckle  "October 2019"

Had a very prompt reply. An excellent service and the Expert took the time to explain fully all parts of his reply. He also asked for more information so that he could answer further. Would thoroughly recommend this company.

tim1959tiger  "October 2019"

Really helpful advise not necessarily what I wanted to hear but helpful in being prepared and to know my rights for a difficult meeting

Bartholomewjm  "October 2019"

Thank you for your Help. The Expert who answered my question gave me some valuable advice. I would definitely use expert answers again.

conncat1  "September 2019"

My expert went above and beyond what I expect and gave some fantastic advice. 5* recommendation

mintyman_2000  "September 2019"

It's a great service to get quick answers to anything legal. The Expert fully understood my issues from the start and his responses were quick and knowledgable. It is a great service that I am sure I will use again.

preaching_diva  "September 2019"

Quick sound and friendly advice put my mind at ease and saved me a substantial amount of money. Site administrators were also very helpful.

amwl10  "July 2019"

Expert Answers is a brilliant idea, and affordable, with the plus of being able to obtain advice on the day, as you need it. I can not recommend it highly enough. Thank you. Karen

karencarter21  "July 2019"

It is the second time we've had advice from David and again he was efficient and thorough in his response, even though it was not favourable to us. We needed to clarify certain aspects of our Lease and he explained everything there was to know and be aware of. Thanks again!

Edita79  "July 2019"

The experts replies were clear and quick at a difficult and stressful time regarding separation. He provided objective guidance and gave me peace of mind and much needed clarity.

Sanziom  "July 2019"

Received great online legal advice,quickly. Information received will help me move forward. Website was easy to use and I received great advice. Would recommend. Thank you

Sweets  "June 2019"

Very surprised and pleased with how quick the response time was.Would/will use again.My query was not a complex issue but advice was detailed

Waterlaw  "June 2019"