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You can ask our lawyers online for advice  using the question box on the front of our website or see if our FAQ answers your questions online 

A: Expert Answers has legal Experts covering all areas of UK law including the following areas:

  • Residency order
  • employment law
  • Divorce,
  • commercial 
  • Problem neighbours
  • Landlord advice
  • Tenants rights
  • Legal rights
  • Consumer rights
  • Parental rights
                      and most areas of UK Law
A: Expert Answers is a Corporate Affiliate Member of the Trading Standards Institute (number 025143and is the only legal advice uk service approved and used by Trading Standards in England & Wales. Expert Answers was set up with significant input from Cheshire West and Chester Trading Standards.

A: Expert Answers complies with all 8 principles of the Data Protection Act. Any information supplied will be handled with care and the highest levels of security. Your personal data will be stored in the UK. Any information supplied by you will only be used to administer your relationship with Expert Answers. We do not sell or trade data with any third parties, unless you ask us to in writing. Experts don’t know who you are and you don’t know who they are.

Our ask a solicitors advice service is totally confidential anonymous and secure. Feedback from our users tells us they can be more candid when asking a question knowing our service is both anonymous and confidential.

We do not need to know your name as we do not feel it necessary in order to answer your question.

We treat your information with utmost confidence and security.
Beware of a website asking for your details before they have even answered your question. In our (considerable) experience these websites are capturing your data to sell to third parties and known as lead generation.
The only thing we require is a valid email address in order to send you notifications when your answer is ready.

A: Expert Answers was developed by two practicing UK solicitors and a consultant in ecommerce. The founders of the business felt that there was an easier way to get advice from solicitors to legal questions at an affordable price. If you need a solicitor urgently (maybe) now you can get 24 hour legal advice from Expert Answers.

A: Expert Answers is a UK based company registered in England & Wales, whose registered office is in Cheshire.
There are other questions and answer sites on the internet, before parting with your hard earned money ensure you know where they are based.

A: Your questions will be answered by lawyers and solicitors online, qualified in their particular field. All experts on Expert Answers credentials are verified by us, using the SRA register or the BAR council roll, once we are confident they have the skills required then and only then will they be allowed to answer questions.
Unlike free legal advice sites, who often deliver answers by unqualified teenagers using scripts, all of our legal professionals are fully qualified and experienced in their specialist area of law. 

Expert Answers only has the highest calibre experts to answer your questions, our team includes some of the best solicitors and barristers in the UK to help answer many legal queries.

Expert Answers is the only question and answer website in the UK that is owned, managed and moderated by practicing solicitors.

For any area of UK law, you will find we have some of the best solicitors waiting to answer your questions.

A: Law is a complex area, and it is certainly open to interpretation. For many questions there is simply not a single definitive answer.
Therefore, Expert advice can vary considerably. Each solicitor will have their own way of dealing with a particular issue. Just because you receive two different answers doesn’t mean to say that one of them is incorrect. Its just because the law has been interpreted and applied in a different way.
You are certainly free to ask two Experts on our website the same question to see whether the opinions are the same or whether they differ. If the opinions are the same we would kindly ask that you accept the answers for at least one of them.

A: Yes. You decide how much you wish to pay for accurate independent legal advice. You then make a ‘good faith’ payment. Experts are only paid by Expert Answers once you have clicked to ” view  your full answer” from the Expert answering your question. We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy however, please see the question on obtaining a refund below. Once you click to ‘View Your Answer’ you will see your “FULL” answer you can also ask for additional information and clarification and have one to one with the Expert answering your question at no additional cost. If you want completely free legal advice you may wish to visit our free legal resource to see if one our articles will answer your question. We are adding new articles all the time so you may want to check back often.
A: We would like to provide a free legal advice service but this would be unsustainable. Given the cost of maintaning servers, platform development costs, admin costs, provision of a convenient service 24 hours a day. Our Experts are of the highest calibre and work for some of the biggest names on the high street and provide their services for a fraction of what they would normally charge but we still incur considerable costs for their services.

A: You decide how much you wish to pay for the Solicitors advice. There are no contracts, monthly fees or subscriptions. You will only pay a one-off fee regardless of how many exchanges you have with the Expert (subject to our fair use policy). Regardless of the amount you pay it will not detract from the service or the quality of the answer you get (the answer is the answer). Experience has shown higher value questions tend to get answered quicker and in greater detail.

A: Sometimes answers come back within minutes if an Expert with the knowledge you are looking for happens to be online when you post your question. We aim to have all questions answered within two to three hours and in any event within twenty four hours at the latest.
Your question may require additional research or the Expert may require additional information.

A: It is entirely up to you how much you want to save using Expert Answers as you decide how much you can afford to pay for the advice.
Here are some examples of services and charges provided by high street solictors:

Telephone conference: £75 +VAT per 6 minute
Agreement or lease review: from £2000 + VAT
1-2-1 legal advice : £220 + VAT per hour

A. If you have not clicked to view the Experts ANSWER then we will refund your fee without question or quibble. If you have not received a”satisfactory answer” this will be determined by our site moderator you can request your payment is refunded in full. Use the contact form on our contact page.

Refunds will be given if:
a. you have not viewed the answer
b. the Experts answer is in-complete
c. the Experts answer is wholly incorrect (we will not refund because it is not the answer you want)